Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My LATEST Blogging Disciples!...part 2.

Yesterday's session on learning how to set up a blog and how to start posting wasn't really a "talk". It was a "hands-on" coaching session for the new aspiring bloggers.
As a preliminary and after welcoming all to this free workshop...I showed them blogs that can be seen at the Nav bar on the browser. All kinds and all sorts of blogs from around the world in different languages. Such is the power and long arms of the internet today.
Certainly, they saw my blog with the automatic jukebox playing nice sentimental music in the background.

Photo: With me in this picture are Henry Tio ( featured in the MCYS book "Adding Life to Years " ). Behind him is William and his wife Jessie (orange attire), Janet, Jo,Theresa & Irene from Kembangan Singing Group and Claire.

All had access to a computer and were trying out the pointers I provided.
At the far right is uncle very 1st blogging disciple from last year, who came to refresh his memory of things learnt. He is very organised and has a proper notebook ...the same one I saw last year...for recording all the important details pertaining to account password, user name, URL address etc.
Unk Dicko was really delighted to see him again!


HwiYohCourt RC said...

Last November, inspired by Dick's blog, The Wise Old Owl, 3 Grassroots Leaders and I decided to attend Dick's free Blogging Class at contact 123. Sad to say that i did not seriously get down to blogging, after that first session. However, 2 weeks ago, i decided that i must get serious about blogging if i really want to connect with my residents, my friends and the world ... and so i decided to go for my 'refresher course' at contact 123. Of course, My Shifu, Dick was most happy to guide me through again. Hurray ! within half an hour, my blog 'Kampong Spirit @ Hwi Yoh Court' was created. Thanks Dick! After 2 days of trial and error, i was happy with the blog i have created. If i can do it, anyone can do it too ! All you need to do is to take that first step to Contact 123. Welcome to my blog ''

unk Dicko said...

Hi Claire..Congrats on your new blog. It's an achievement of sorts.Yes, I could see the happy looks on the faces of my disciples when they completed their 1st ever post!
However, I hope you will all keep this advice from me constantly.
Starting a blog is easy.
Keeping it ALIVE and ACTIVE will require some effort.
Make it a habit to blog as often as you can, preferably 2-3 times a week. Once a blog is INACTIVE for a long's very hard to re-attract your fans and visitors back again.
As yours is an RC..try to get others to join in the posting too.