Sunday, April 5, 2009

My latest DISCOVERY on the net !

Last night, while doing some research on old songs by Nat King Cole, I chanced upon a site purely by accident. I am extremely glad that I went into the site to read up more. If I had skipped over it, I wouldn't have discovered what I now know.
That site is JANGO Music Com.
How it works is simply fantastic. You can create your very own radio station by choosing the artists you like. Whether one or add as many as you like. Then click" Create station" and you automatically get the songs of your favourite crooner played on your computer!
You can even create more than one station or special stations for selected singers of your choice!

Moments ago, I discovered more things.
See the top right corner of my homepage. I have a newly installed " Unk Dicko's Jukebox! ".
Turn on your computer speakers and the beautiful songs of my selected 15 singers/groups will PLAY automatically while you browse through my blogposts. Amazing! Truly making reading the blog an enjoyable, pleasant experience.
You the reader or visitor can even advance the singer or the song by clicking on the >> arrow within the jukebox itself. Or you can just click on the photo of the rolling stars to listen to that singer! You can also control the volume. There are too many songs to name.
But here are my initial selections for MY JUKEBOX....
Songs from these singing greats are for your and my listening pleasure. Enjoy!
1. Perry Como
2. The Platters
3. Roy Orbison
4. Ray Charles
5. Tony Bennet
6. Elvis Presley
7. Dean Martin
8. The Everly Brothers
9. Harry Belafonte
10. Frank Sinatra
11. Andy Williams
12. The Drifters
13. Fats Domino
14. Louis Armstrong
15. Nat King Cole


stanley said...

Thanks for installing the Jukebox. I enjoyed listening to all the 15 crooners whose songs filled me with nostalgia and brought back memories of my childhood days.

unk Dicko said...

One more good thing Stanley,you can continue to enjoy the music while doing other things at your long as you do not "close off" the station!
Glad you are filled with such memories. They remain precious to all of us from that generation.