Friday, April 3, 2009

One Day When We Were Young(er) ! ...1993.

After featuring the Kg Kembangan singers as they are[ today] in my recent blog posts, I managed to retrieve this 1993/4 old photo from my archives. The occasion was the Annual Dinner and Dance of Serangoon Gardens Civil Defence Co-ordinating Committee that year...some 16 years ago. The G O H was the then MP of Sg Gardens, Dr Lau Teik Soon who was accompanied by his wife. The "Big Boss Chairman" of this CDCC was none other than the late Mr Charlie Tan Boon Seng. D2 was also a key member of this core group....but not unk Dicko. I was serving elsewhere. On this occasion and event, I was invited as a " special Guest Singer" to entertain the assembly. While on stage, I normally look around at all the tables and "invite" certain others to join me. These were people such as Thoo Yang, Charlie, Hum W W and a few others whom I know could sing in tune with me.

We have printed songsheets for all the tables and so it was easy for everyone to join in. There was never any rehearsal for such entertainment and most of the evening's singing or sing-along was pretty much left to unk Dicko's song leading, jazzing-up things, creativity and enthusiasm.

Photo: From left
Thoo Yang, Charlie, wwHum,unk Dicko....1993.

This picture of grand "owl" Thoo Yang was taken at our Singalong today [ 3 April 09 ].
He is still belting out songs of the yesteryears and can remember the lyrics of many of the songs we sing.
Better believe it. Unk Dicko sang some real oldies and he was able to join in word for word, line for line.
I have no doubts at all that keeping himself active by not only organising and leading this Kg Kembangan Singing Group but imagine this....laboriously compiling a 7 volume/file of songs, must have contributed to his sprightly image and outlook at a "young" 85!

Before the session began today, some members went into the CC office to get the free copies of the MCYS Guidebook " Adding Life to Years!"
Seeing that it was really Unk Dicko on the Front cover, they asked me to autograph the copy for them.
I can't ever remember when was the last time I autographed something and made simple folks happy.
Kitty and Chris displaying their signed copy proudly.

The news must have spread. Today, we had another 5 new faces and I noticed they brought along a nice songbook from the Peranakan Association. I leafed through it and it looks like a good one.

Before we began, I spoke off the cuff and from the heart....of my hopes for them as a group. I was frank and open. I know they enjoy the music I provide immensely and appreciate it deeply. They don't have to tell me [ although some did]. The Wise Owl knows.

However, there will be certain times and periods that I may not be able to accompany them. I told them such a time is already here, as Unk Dicko's expertise and experience has been requested for by the AYG [ Asian Youth Games] Org Com.
The Games which Singapore is hosting will be held in late June and early July this year. Much organising is needed now.

So, if you are reading this, do remember what I said today. Keep together and continue as you have been doing under the "Grand Owl!"He has not failed you and you should not fail him.


PChew said...

Are all the 5 new faces ladies? They must be as there was no new male face in the pictures. I faced the same phenomenon in my IT Hub class. You'll read about it in my blog soon.

unk Dicko said...

No thorns again. All are Roses. The day I see a new thorn face to face, you can be sure I'll feature him in my blogpost. So the strange Sg phenomenon continues!