Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RIP-OFF at Newton Hawker Centre! Latest Update

The owner of the stall that cheated tourists by
grossly overcharging the food had the temerity and cheek to even attempt an appeal against her 3 month suspension! It is indeed in the public's interest that NEA has turned down the appeal. Hopefully, the other stalls will toe the line and walk the path of "honesty is our best policy". But I seriously doubt it will be so, at least going by the previous history of Newton Hawker Centre's chequered past. You can read my earlier post here.
ST Breaking News Report
THE Newton hawker stall which fleeced a group of American tourists last month has had its appeal against its suspension turned down.
Tanglin Best BBQ Seafood will be closed for three months until July 14. Its suspension began last Wednesday.
The stall assistant who had overcharged the visitors, Mr Ng Boon Eng, has been barred from working there for a year.
The National Environment Agency (NEA), in a statement dated last Wednesday on its website, said the licence for the hawker stall issued in the name of Madam Tan Lei Twri had been suspended because she had allowed her employee to overcharge customers.
'This is a breach of NEA's licensing conditions,' said the statement.
Following the incident, which made newspaper headlines here and became a talking point among food-loving Singaporeans, Madam Tan's stall was dealt a three-month suspension that was to start on April 1.
She appealed against the decision.
Pending the NEA's consideration of her appeal, her stall was allowed to continue operating.
Since her appeal failed, the three-month suspension was re-scheduled to begin last Wednesday.
This is not the first time she has run afoul of NEA regulations. Last August, her licence was suspended for two weeks when she was caught hiring stall assistants without first registering them with NEA.

[ STimes Breaking News online - 21 April 09, Photo source: ST Desmond Wee ]

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