Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unk Dicko and Shigeto Takahashi...part 3

Sunday 12 April 2009 -Esplanade Waterfront.
We sat down to enjoy our famous Singapore local fare ...delicious satay, Hokkien mee and Oyster omelette. Leaving D2 and Shigeto at the table, I went to get some drinks. There was a cold drink stall at the last left row. When it was my turn to order a voice suddenly exclaimed, " Hello...Mr Yip sir! ". It was the stall assistant's voice, a young man below 20. I recognised him immediately as one of the many, many former students whom I had cajoled and counselled to keep to the straight path.
He was delighted to see me but I was even more delighted than him...knowing that he is gainfully working and looking happy too. The lady boss who is Chinese asked him," So he's really your former teacher ah? "
"Yes", he answered her.
Then turning to me she asked," How's he?"
Me: " He's very good. You can depend on him. "
That brought many smiles all around...including other customers waiting behind me.
I bought 3 can of drinks. I counted the change lady Boss gave me. The price was clearly listed.
" gave me too much change", I said.
Lady Boss: " No...for you special. You're his former teacher!"
I was flabbergasted! I thought the traditional healthy respect for teachers had gone down the drain in this new age.
At least I now know that at the Waterfront I can count on an ordinary citizen like Lady Boss with a genuine respect for teachers like unk Dicko. Thank you, Lady Boss and my former student as well. You have both made my, I mean my night! Unk Dicko will remember for sure.

When I came back with the drinks I recounted briefly the incident to D2 and Shigeto. They lightened up. Shigeto wanted to know what I used to teach. Mainly sports as well as other subjects too.

He told us his company in Japan has sent him here to conduct some productivity training for an industrial company here and in JB.

After dinner, we went strolling along the waterfront and the Singapore River with the beautiful city skyline behind us. He saw the Merlion. It was a distance away so we decided not to walk there.

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