Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AYG -Opening of Games Village pt 2

Sr Minister of State Ms Grace Fu was the Guest of Honour at the ceremony.
Here she was delivering her speech. Quite a few of us key personnel of the Village were observing the proceedings from higher vantage points.
As usual, as an avid Blogger, I have my dependable Canon digital camera with me to capture these memorable moments.

The assembly who was listening to the GOH speaking.

At left was the table in blue cloth where Temperature stickers were issued to everyone after they have been cleared.
All these strict measures were implemented and manned by my Volunteers at various strategic access and control points within the Games Village...in response to the H1N1 cases that occured.
There were no new cases after we implemented counter-measures.

The Games Village was officially declared open when the GOH struck the gong.

Swissotel Gen manager, DEP ms Sum,
ms Grace Fu, Mr Teo Ser Luck, Sr Parl Sec and Village mayor.

These are some of the people highly responsible for the operations of the Games Village.

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