Saturday, August 1, 2009

AYG ...Closing Ceremony part 2

While the programme continued inside the ballroom, there was much activity going on outside. I noticed a large pool of student helpers carrying the colourful flags of the different NOCs and realised they were preparing for the signal to march in. Walking around I spotted my long-time pal and very close friend Gurmit who happened to be i/c of the student flag bearers. They were from his JC ( NYJC).
Many will not know this. But Gurmit was my Best man and Chauffuer at my wedding a long, long time ago! We used to hang out together and he was one of my earliest followers in the great outdoors of the early days of the late 60's and early 70's.
He became a great outdoor man himself later, even till this day.

The NYJC girls smiling away for the TV camera and the press.

A TV camera crew capturing the exciting scene outside the Ballroom.

As I moved around the Ballroom to capture some snapshots, I noticed a young girl reporter with a red note pad that said " Red Sports ".
Well, what do you know?
I stood next to her and asked her, " Hi're from
Red Sports? "
She replied affirmatively.
Me: " Do you know who I am? "
She: " Ar...yes, you are uncle Dick right? "
Haha...that's why she's smiling. She sort of knew I was connected to Red Sports when it first started out in January 2007.
Red Sports has since come a very long way becoming the # 1 sports website in Singapore today.

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