Sunday, August 2, 2009

The AYG Thank You Event at S I S

This event was put together rather hurriedly and took place on Friday, 10
July 2009 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Check in time at booths set up.
Collecting the goodie bag with the limited edition AYG mascot FRASIA.

Volunteers and members of the AYG workforce were supposed to bring along their Accreditation passes to then claim their entry ticket .( Yes..even this event required entry tickets ).

I had sent repeated reminders to all my volunteers inviting them to come along for this event. However, it was back to work for all of them and it wasn't that convenient for many of them to attend. Two of my schools did not allow any of their students to be present perhaps still having fears of the H1N1 situation.

My very supportive teacher volunteer Alan cuddling his official Goodie bag.

Alan is from Northland Secondary. He is also i/c of his school's highly acclaimed Bagpipers Band. I understand theirs is one of the top school Bagpipe bands in Asia.
So any of you reading this wants to look for or engage such a band you can approach the school directly or if needed I could assist.

It is always great to reunite with people you work with.
These are some of the student volunteers in my Special Squad at the Games Village.

Another 3 of my Special Squad members from Dunman High School.
This was inside the Indoor stadium.

Alan captured this shot just as Stephanie Sun, the star of the night's show segment was hoisted down by a cable. That's her image in the background.
I was truly shocked that the VOLUME of the sounds played was ear-bursting LOUD. It was so bad that I could not hear what Alan was saying to me and vice-versa.
Fearing for permanent ear damage, we made our exit quickly. It was still tremendously loud outside.
I cannot imagine how the few thousand people inside can "tahan" this absolute madness of super-amplified noise. Outside, many people were hurrying off too. They told us the same too loud, cannot "tahan".
I wonder what has become of modern day music performed in an enclosed hall.
Do the organisers or show promoters not realise they might be overdoing things?

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