Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Silver Photo Contest...extended closing date.

Hello all you Hawaii 5 0's out there ( seniors ), the Infocomm SILVER PHOTO Contest has been extended till 20 January 2010. So there is still time for all my fellow seniors to join in the fun. All you need to do is attach (upload ) a photo or photos onto the official Infocom Facebook Contest page and perhaps add a brief description of the picture.
The full details was in my earlier blogpost ...at the link below.
If you are not quite familiar with Facebook applications do get your family members to help you out.

It's actually very simple and easy to upload a photo onto the page, once you know how.

Do join in...as I've said the closing date for the contest has been extended till January 20.

For more details and the Facebook page to click on, check out my earlier post ...HERE.

Have fun!

Unk Dicko

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2010!
I came across your blog today and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it.
Greetings from Canada.