Tuesday, March 16, 2010

David Beckham's latest AGONY!

In an unexpected cruel twist of fate, David Beckham arguably the world's most recognised face of football, suddenly limped and crumpled onto the pitch during the AC Milan vs Chievo match 2 days ago. Milan won the match 1-0 but England lost much more.

What actually happened?

Without warning, the Achilles tendon of Beckham's famous left foot suddenly ruptured. He said, " I could hear the actual popping sound ", when it popped. Once the that tendon is torn, you will have no longer much control of your foot. The feeling is one of total haplessness.

I feel most sorry for poor Beckham not only that he will obviously miss playing in probably his last World Cup but that his was one of the most serious of Achilles tendon injuries. Latest reports
by his team doctors confirmed that his tendon was so badly ruptured that it was beyond repair. Instead, he will require "replacement tendon" surgery.

Those of you who have been long-time followers of my blog will know that I too had a similar experience of torn Achilles tendon in November 2005 which incapacitated me for 8 long months....of surgery, pain, rehabilitation, physio-therapy exercises and loneliness. It was a slow and long patient recovery process.

For me, that accident turned out to be " a blessing in disguise". It was during those long 8 months that I started to teach myself the computer and learnt about the internet, IT, Googling and other technical stuff by spending most of my time on the computer ...which led to my involvement with Blogging and made me a different person from what I used to be!

You can read that interesting episode right HERE and HERE.

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