Friday, May 14, 2010

Newsclip...Either be the Best or the Worst!

This newsclip reminded me of a time in the late 60's when something similar occured.
Those days, much like today, district sports competition for schools in the district, would be held for many sporting activities. The top four teams from each district will then go on to the National C'ships then called "Inter-school Meets or C'ships".
In the East where I was at, a former colleague of mine returned to our school with the team after the soccer match. He reported the match outcome to our Principal.
He said, " Sorry sir, our boys fought hard but lost. "
Principal: " I see, what's the scoreline?"
He: " Only about a dozen goals lah. " ( It was about 11-1 )
Principal: " What! We let in a dozen goals? "
He: " Actually, we are quite good already. Another school team got hammered 33-0 or
something close !"
There was such a wide disparity in standard between the top soccer playing schools and the majority below them.
This was in the heydays of Kaki Bukit Pri School etc.., a time, when a little boy wonder name Fandi Ahmad, was running circles around his bigger sized opponents and scoring goals for fun...much like putting French fries into your mouth.


Thimbuktu said...

A very cute cartoon and caption of the 1960s, unk Dicko. Couldn't have seen it if you did not post it to your blog. Thanks for sharing.

unk Dicko said...

More cuter ones coming out soon!