Monday, May 3, 2010

Pulau TEKONG in the early 80's...Master Orienteering Map

This is one of the Master Map of Tekong which I created for Orienteering and Land Expeditions
during the heydays of the IE and NIE Youth Leadership Training Camps from early 1980's to
around middle 80's. I served at various times as Land Chief, Orienteering Chief and Chief Instructor in many of the camps.

The various orienteering checkpoints and symbols are indicated on the map.
On the ground at
Tekong, many of these signs made by me personally, were still there on trees, rocks, ledges, bridges and some buildings where I had placed them...when I revisited in the late 80's and early 90's.

Answer to the question " where exactly is this place ? " in previous post.
Look at this map.
Locate MRN ( map reference number )

That's where I was that day. The picture was snapped by my wifey D2. She wanted to accompany me on my "fruit" hunting trip that mid 80's. We gathered different fruits just to sample for fun and waited for the durians to drop, near Permatang.
A few dropped in the lush bushland and we rushed towards the sound. Gathered about 4 durians...then we heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. It was a familiar face...of "Apek"
the foreman paid by the landowner to gather his fruits.
He told me his "towkay" was expecting the fruits at Changi Point and thus could not even sell any to us.


Xinli said...


you must have put in a lot of effort in making this master map!

So it was true that there was a pill box near Camp 2 =o

i will share this post with my tekong friends ;) this post has given me a glimpse of what Tekong was like before it was BMTC Tekong today =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I did my NS BMT in Tekong in 1970. Cannot forget this specified date/year because that was the time our President, Yusof bin Ishak passed away. I could return home - a holiday was declared.

On our first trips to Tekong, we recruits took the RPL Landing Craft from Changi beach to Tekong. For subsequent trips, we took the bumboats at Changi point.

We were posted to Camp 2 which was newly completed then. I recall on our first day of our enlistment, there was no electricity or water in Camp 2. Our first dinner was chicken rice, and we had to clean our eating utensils and plates with tissue paper ie. "dry cleaning".

We also had to spend time cutting the lalang around the perimeter of the Camp site. All we had were the army issued jack knives, and it was a tiresome chore, using them to cut the lalang. One of our recruits (from a wealthy and prominent family) came back, over the weekend break, with a lawn mover (used). His father was kind enough to donate it - to make life easier for us. Hahaha!

I have not been there after my NS days, and I cannot remember whether
the Camp 2, as indicated in your map, was the same camp which I was posted to, as a recruit. All I recall was that it was a distance from the jetty. We had morning jogs (exercises) from Camp 2 to the jetty and back.

Thanks for the blog. It brought back some of the fond memories of my BMT in Tekong.


Xinli said...

to Anon.

if the designs of camp 2 was like the ones you see at Gillman Village/Camp/Barracks,then it is still there, sometimes being used for FIBUA or simulate villages in training exercises.

unk Dicko said...

Yes Xinli,a lot of effort in planning the various route checkpoints on paper, then actually going to Tekong to pin-point the checkpoint markers precisely and record them on my Master Map. It took a couple of entire weekends...where I normally bring along a few trainee instructors to learn more about the island,give them more advanced tips and knowhow on map, compass, relating map to land features and vice-versa.
It was hard work but thoroughly enjoyable, healthy and exhilarating!

unk Dicko said...

Hi Anon,
Am glad this post and the map especially has brought nostalgic memories for you and others.
I believe Camp 2 as I knew it in the 80's was the same camp when you were there in '70.
Camp 1 was near Tg Batu Koyok, very much nearer to the jetty at Tg Ladang than Camp 2 which was near Kg Sanyongkong indicated on map.
The RPLs! For our Teachers'YLTC we also were fortunate that Mindef and us had a very close relationship and it was a breeze ferrying all the campers and camp staff and all our gear to our base Campsite at Ladang or Permatang.

I have lots of pics of these RPLs transporting us to and from Tekong plus many other camp,sea,land activities that show what Tekong was like in the early 80's.
Will put on blog soon.

Donny Chen said...

Hi Mr Yip,

May I request for your permission to reproduce the map in a book I'm writing to trace our history the land reclamation of Singapore?

I'm currently a final year student at NTU's School of Art Design and Media, and I intend to include your map as part of my final year project.

You may contact me at 92716998 or you need more details.

I sincerely hope that you would consider my request. Your site will definitely be given due credit in the bibliography.