Thursday, May 6, 2010

Siang Lim Park...after 40 years a close friend and neighbour found me!

In my blog postings about my old kampong of Siang Lim Park I mentioned that quite often, in my quieter and sentimental moments, I had wondered aloud about the many childhood friends and schoolmates that were so much a part of my growing up years.

Where could they be today? What are they doing presently and so on? Many questions but few answers. Almost all of my Primary school classmates would be around my same age today. And the majority I have never seen or heard from again for close to half a century. There were about 40 of us that started Primary 1 together and we were in the same class for 6 years until we were in Primary 6. I still remember all their names and faces when we were aound 12 years old.

It would be a big thrill for me if I can reconnect with even just one of them today...just like what happened last night. From out of the blue, from the "misty yesteryears" of the early 60's, someone whom I once knew very well but completely lost contact with for over 40 odd years suddenly popped up on THIS BLOGSITE through the Comment Box.
See her excitement on discovering and confirming who I actually am at the blogpost listed at "HERE", below.
I too nearly fell off my chair! And quickly got my wifey D2 to have a look at the message staring at me. D2 knew Rose too and vice-versa.

I had blogged about this someone in my nostalgic post about my old kampong -Siang Lim Park. Her family lived just opposite us at # 53, Siang Lim Park. We were at # 94, Siang Lim Park. She was the very first person I gave tuition to in the English language and the first girl I taught the Ukulele to.
See that interesting post "Siang Lim Park: 1950's - 1970's "by clicking ...HERE.
Check out item 2 on the post.
Her name was very first pupil from the kampong and a good friend and neighbour.
Rose attended Tanjong Katong Girls' School and was a very active Girl Guide of the 2nd S'pore East Coy of her school. We had much in common as I was back then also a former scout and later the Asst Senior Scout Leader (ASSL) of the 6th ARROW Scout Group, Victoria School.
Through the night, we updated each other by emails. Rose has lived in Australia since the mid 70's. I had no idea where she was all these years. No contact until last night!

I checked my old photo archives and found I still have some photos of Rose and company.
Here are 3 memorable snapshots taken during a Combined Hike which I had organised for the guides from Tg Katong Girls' and my own Victorian Scouts. The year was 1966. We hiked in the Lim Chu Kang and Jurong area and ended up at Jurong Park Scout Camp.
In centre was me. Front of me was Kelvin Sng ( now known as Ken Sunn was leading an opposition party in recent years ). Behind me was Rose and partly hidden was David
( Thio Ping) my close friend and first ukulele disciple.

The guides taking a short break near Nanyang U during the Hike.
Thio Ping having a chat with Rose and Nanu.

Nanu and Rose were close friends as I recall. Here they were standing
just outside the gate of Jurong Park Scout Campsite.
I just learnt from Rose that Nanu is today already a happy grandma!

Ps: Will post more pics soon.


PChew said...

I know how you felt to reconnect with an old friend after 40 years.
I had the same experience last month meeting 3 classmates. We parted for more than half a century after our Senior Cambridge in 1954.

unk Dicko said...

How wonderful it must have been for all of you. Just imagine, the last time you saw each other you were just teenagers and now grandpas with white hair or no hair!
Did you all recognise each other?