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Tekong Days.... IE Camps in 80's part 2.

The Training Camps for trainee teachers were held during the September school break. Key camp staff ( instructors ) were identified and they would receive an official letter of invitation from the IE or NIE Head of the Department of Physical Education to serve in the camp. The 1st official meeting would normally be held about 3 months before the camp at the IE grounds.But prior to that, some of the key appointment holders would have had several side meetings with the appointed Camp Commandant ( a lecturer from the PE Dept ) to prepare a shortlist of recommended instructors.

We selected the potential camp staff based on the unique strengths and talent they each had. In addition, suitable trainee instructors were identified from the previous batch of campers based on the observations and recommendations of the more senior instructors among the end of the camp.

Photo: [ All photos from Unk Dicko's Archives ]
Singing is a very important part of camp life and camp training.
My ukulele and me were always a permanent feature of all the camps I was involved in.

In the photos that appear in my blogpost will be many different people. It will be too laborious to mention everyone within. So if any of you, my good old friends who happens to visit this blog, did not get a forgive me. Be assured I have not forgotten you. You all were a very important part of my collective memory of our Tekong Days.

Above photo: In foreground is Pauline Choy ( today, PE head in a JC), on my left is C Kunalan ( today Assoc Prof in NTU ), with yellow peakcap is Goh Ek Piang ( today, DD CCAB ), with red cap is Lam Siew Leng ( retired, formerly SI CCAB ), Ms Lim Ming ( former Camp Commandant ) is at top. She has retired and made a new life for herself in Canada. On her right is Ismail Taha ( retired, former CCAB ).

Photo: The camp staff of the IE Training Camp with all our gear and equipment
on the return trip from Tekong. Kunalan still looking as young as ever back then ( 1982,1983)!

Campers and Camp staff all together on the RPL. No one had fair skin after the camp.
All had a healthy looking sun tanned disposition. It may only be about 8 days of training
at Tekong. But for many, it would be summed up as the "among the best and most unforgettable days " of their life.
That's what many told me years down the road when I met them again, here and there, in the course of my work.
Quite a few can recall interesting snippets and incidents about their own camp, some camp staff and funny happenings.
And many said
they missed my ukulele music and songs!

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