Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unk Dicko on 93.8 FM Radio today .

Just received an SMS update from Joel Chua that the interview segment will be on air at about
2.15 pm this afternoon and again at about 9.40 pm tonight.

I received a call from Joel Chua of 93.8 FM station that I'll be on the airwaves at
2.15 pm in the afternoon. A repeat is scheduled at about 9.40 pm.

This was an interview I had with him last week.
We talked about a number of things of the present and the recent past.
Joel had interviewed me in 2007 for the Programme " BLOGWATCH " when I
was completely new to the world of blogging back then.

So, what did he want me to talk about this time round?
Whatever we discussed I think I better not let the cat out of the bag just yet until it comes on later.
However he concluded that the "chat" ( maybe more than that ) was "most fascinating and deeply absorbing".

If you are lucky, you just might get to listen to me on the Ukulele too!
Station 93.8 FM.......at 2.15 pm and 9.40 pm, today.
Happy Listening.


Reddie said...

I happened to be driving and listening in on radio then and heard your segment on Passion People.

Which brought me here today. Going on to explore the rest of your blog...

unk Dicko said...

Hi Reddie,
Bidding you a very warm WELCOME!
Feel free to browse and if anything fascinates you go ahead and download.
If there's any particular interest on any subject matter,let me know.
I can help.
Music comes on automically from my Jukebox...mostly v good oldies.