Sunday, July 25, 2010

Actual pages of Unk Dicko's diary..18 to 21JULY 1964 ( uncensored )

Reproduced in 3 full scanned images are 6 pages of my 1964 personal Diary covering the period
from Saturday 18 July to Tuesday 21 July 1964.
As my previous blog entries have shown, these were the few normal days before all hell broke loose on that fateful day of horror, fear and tragedy.
Looking back at my lifestyle back then, I thought it was rather fortunate that I was at home when rioting broke out openly.
I travelled around alot in a bicycle on a SINGLE DAY, sometimes going to VS , then to the old National Library at Stamford Road, then to friend's homes , then back to my home in Siang Lim Park, Geylang and again to town in the late evening, to school again ( where I might sleep over in the scout den) or return to my kampong. On other days, especially weekends, we often head for the beach... Katong Park, Marine Parade, Bedok, Telok Paku, Changi Beach, Loyang or Pasir Ris. If not the beach, it would be anywhere else in Singapore.
My buddies and I truly enjoyed those carefree days even though some of us were in Sec 4 and facing our Cambridge Exams at year's end.
We knew when to play and when to study.
Often we combined the two activities together especially a group of us Sec 3, 4 and Pre U 1 and 2 who turned the scout den into our second home!
Normally, since it was a public holiday and with no lessons in school, I would have most likely spent my time with my scout buddies in or around the Kallang area where our school was located( next to Jalan Besar Stadium).
Or moved around Geylang or Joo Chiat or Katong area.

More eye-opening and revealing excerpts from my diary to come!

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