Sunday, July 11, 2010

Germany led by Paul +Mani beat Uruguay...3-2!

Last night's play off for the 3rd placing between Uruguay and Germany was the kind of match that was missing from most of the games that I have seen since 5 weeks ago. It was end to end stuff. No one side really dominated. Both had equally good chances to win the game outright.
It was a credit to both teams that they took this game seriously despite missing out on the big one tonight. Perhaps because of that both sides played without the kind of pressure experienced in the semi final games.
They were adventurous in attack and made mistakes that proved costly.

Germany started out minus a few of their regular stars...Klose, Lahm, Poldoski, Neurr. But Thomas Mueller was back...and he was a big factor in the attacking option.
Before the match, I checked out the latest reports on the web and read an interesting pre-match interview given by Oscar Taberez, Uruguay's coach.
When asked what his views were on the coming game he said:
" Uruguay not only have to play against Germany and win, we have to play against that (damned)
octopus! " Not funny as the results proved on hindsight!

[ Frankly, I'll nominate this as one of the unforgettable quotes of this 2010 World Cup ].

Germany scored first in the 18th minute through Mueller. But Uruguay equalised through Cavani. 1 -1 it remained at half time.
6 minutes after the restart Forland scored and Uruguay led 2-1.
Everyone must be will be kaput for Mani the bird and Paul the octopus if the score remained. They'd both picked a germany win.
But you simply can't change fate can you?
Uruguay GK made a silly mistake and allowed Jensen to equalised for Germany with a header.
Score was 2-2.
For Mani's and Paul's reputation to be upheld...Germany have to score again.
And that inevitable moment came in the 82 minute, from a corner kick...Sami Khedira rose highest to head in unchallenged.
Germany 3, Uruguay 2. And all those who have placed bets on Germany winning heaved sighs of relief.

But the story almost did not end there ( almost!). With the very last second, Forlan took a freekick so beautifully, it beat the GK completely..and heading for the top left corner but something made it hit the cross bar at the last milli-second!
As they say a miss is as good as a mile.
Perhaps that Jabulani ball should have been seized and sent for forensic dissection.
Who knows what you may find inside...perhaps a baby octopus?

So with this 63 game of this W Cup over, Germany has won the 3rd placing while Uruguay achieved 4th place. A great achievement for both teams!
As for Paul...he's headed for super stardom. He has not missed at all!
Mani the bird actually had picked Spain as the W Cup Winner a week earlier. Please check my earlier posts ..." Mani has made 3 predictions ". That report was widely circulated in the press and media. He "suddenly changed " to pick Holland only when a group of AP journalists came to do a story for their paper with his owner Mr M. No explanation was given. No one made any serious follow up as to what has been going on with this "about turn" by Mani the bird.

A video that appeared on Stompers was accompanied by some very searching observations and remarks made regarding M's handling of the bird.
I have no wish to add anything. Readers should see and judge for themselves.

Germany achieved 3rd placing

Sami Khedira scored to win it 3-2 for Germany

The scorer of the 3rd goal for Germany

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