Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is there something extra that Paul and Mani are telling us?

Over the last week or so, the visitor rate to my blog has shot up sky high. Those making Google or Yahoo searches on anything connected to Paul and Mani will find me on page #1 of their searches and often right at the top.
I have no idea why this is so. Possibly because my blog title " The Wise Old Owl" shares something in common with Mani the parakeet. Both are birds! I know one is an acknowledged psychic bird while the other remains hopefully wise.
Or could it be that visitors are hoping that perhaps "the Owl" can throw some more light on all that is going on between the octopus and parrot.
Hmmm....maybe, just maybe.
It was the Front page headline news of today's Straits Times, Sat 10 July 2010, that really caught my full attention. The photo showing Paul "picking" Spain and Mani "picking" Holland must have caused greatly different reactions in the 2 camps of the finalists.
So both will probably feel "psychically" charged up for this last Final match of the W Cup. I think the reactions go much deeper than that...depending on who you are and what this" dilemma" means to you.
If you are a compulsive, serious punter, looking for the best tipsters can't be worse than this.
If you are a betting house, Football pools betting syndicate...etc...this must be the best scenario for the Final. The dilemma caused by the 2 leading stars of this W Cup is actually a bookie's dream come true.
No matter what...there will be large pools of money plonked on both sides for either a Spain or Holland win. They can sit back, hedge and relax...
AND IF THE GAME ENDS IN A DRAW AT FULL's curtains for all those who bought only the 1 x 2 option of either a win for Spain or Holland.
And there is absolutely NO LOGICAL REASON WHY this final match CANNOT end in a DRAW at FULL time ( including a few minutes injury time).
I'm not saying that it will....but you cannot rule out this possibility.
Recall the last 2006 W Cup?
The match between Italy and France ended in 1-1 draw. Italy only beat France on penalty kicks after extra time of 30 mins produced no goals.Many bettors on 1 x 2 , picked Italy to win. They were all so deplorably sad to find out that they LOST! Reason: the game ended in a draw....which they did not pick.
My observation on the predictions so far by Paul and Mani:
Both are given just 2 choices....pick this or that.
That is choose which country would triumph IN THE END, after the final whistle! Not at 90 minutes!
But what happens if the game ends in a draw at Full time ( 90 mins)?
That's what many punters and bettors wish to know.
We cannot put any blame on Paul or Mani as they have not been offered such an option for their picking.
Now that Mani has picked Holland and Paul has opted for raises some interesting questions besides causing a huge headache for bettors.
Q...Could both these beloved animals be co-operating in a psychic manner unknown to us to indicate that the game could end in a draw ( 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc ) ?
Obviously there will be an eventual winner...but people who pay $$$ to Mani's keeper would not really be so interested in all that. They all want to know what is the END RESULT at Full time..can the bird or Octopus tell? The ANSWER is NO ! Who will win...yes. As I've said they can only pick who will progress or truimph...but not a DRAW SCENARIO.
Any views out there?
Alas...Unk Dicko is not Paul or Mani with psychic powers.
This Owl is merely using his observations and reasoning powers to throw some light here.
I think I just might put a couple of durians on a possible draw for tomorrow.
Good Luck!

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