Friday, July 9, 2010

Mani chooses HOLLAND over SPAIN for Final !

Singapore News
'Mani the parakeet' picks Netherlands as World Cup winner.
By Mogana Pillay
Posted: 08 July 2010 2342 hrs

Singapore's home-grown psychic parakeet has picked the Netherlands to win the World Cup. Mani, an astrologer's "assistant" in Singapore's "Little India" along Serangoon Road had also picked the right winners for all the quarter-final ties and the Spain-Germany semi-final. This has led people from all over Singapore to flock to the roadside astrologer's table to find out if they will get lucky too, especially in their World Cup bets. Mani and his owner, Mr Muniyappan, see about ten customers on an average day. Now, they entertain that many customers in just one hour! With the World Cup in its final stage, Mani is now literally the talk of the town - and many are going with its prediction of the Dutch team winning its first-ever World Cup title. - CNA/al .

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Anonymous said...

Mr Yip,

This is great news! ( apologies to the Spanish fans ). Dicko, is this foolproof? Is it guaranteed that it is a sure win if we place a bet on Holland to win? I have some hard earned savings to plonk on Holland (to win). What say you?

unk Dicko said...

Whoa..better hold your horses first!
Since you asked me" what say you". I'll be extra frank and honest in my reply.
If you have read ALL my posts carefully I do not encourage BIG bets.,,especially not with one's hard -earned savings. Most good to honest working people can enjoy their life only because they have been SENSIBLE with their money supply.
Don't RISK it all for soccer bets!
Is this foolproof?
NO...nothing is foolproof.
There is no such thing as SURE WIN or Guaranteed to win.
If there is ...then NONE of us need to work anymore!
Mani the bird picked Uruguay to beat Holland. Majority of bettors got burned as Holland won 3-2.
Me too...but I can NEVER be burned. I only placed a $10 ( ten dollar only ) bet for Uruguay to win.
What if I get carried away by the psychic euphoria of the phenomenon and put $250,000 of my money on just this one bet alone in the hope of making half a million?
Sheer Madness wouldn't you agree?
But there are thousands out there doing so with smaller sums( in 100s, 1000s, 10,000s ) but still most could hardly afford to bet away this kind of hard earned money.
Sheer Madness!
I may do another blogpost about the technical and mechanics behind the odds in sports betting.
They are deliberately manipulated to confuse the average Joe about the team and the coming match.
If you place 1K on this match and you lose...if you can see yourself feeling very glad and happy despite the result, then you are special.
If you think no,ll go berserk, run amok, etc..if you lose "so much" then you did the right thing. Look at the "end" picture BEFORE you bet any amount.

Having said all that, maybe wait for Octopus Paul's pick.
He has not missed at all!
He'll pick tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mr Yip,

The latest news is out - Paul the Octopus has predicted Spain to win the World Cup.

This is a dilemma - who are we to bet on, to win? Mani says Holland but Paul says Spain!

But, a Dutch octopus, or should I say octopussy, named Pauline, predicts Holland to win.

Is this a case of majority ( two to one ) wins?