Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Octopus Paul has sent his message...SFinals!

'Psychic' octopus tips Spain to beat Germany
Tuesday, July 06, 2010, 18:36:49 HRS
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An octopus named Paul sits on a box with decorated with a Spanish flag at the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, western Germany. The cries of despair from all around Germany could probably be heard in South Africa as Paul tipped Spain to beat Germany in the football World Cup semi-final.
The cries of despair from all around Germany could probably be heard in South Africa as a "psychic" octopus called Paul tipped Spain Tuesday to beat Germany in the football World Cup semi-final.
The eight-legged oracle who has successfully predicted all five of Germany's games in South Africa, carefully weighed up the two teams, before plumping for Spain, prompting anguished groans from the assembled media scrum.
Carried live on national television, two plastic boxes, one with a German flag and one with a Spanish, were lowered into Paul's tank at an aquarium in western Germany, each with a tasty morsel of food inside.
The box which Paul opens first is adjudged to be his predicted winner.
If Paul's performance is replicated on the pitch, it promises to be an end-to-end thriller. He teased the crowd by initially lingering at the German flag before heading for the Spanish box.
The mollusc medium has shot to fame by defying the odds with a perfect record of picking winners.
Proving he is not just attracted to the colours in the German flag, he rightly foretold the Mannschaft's shock defeat to Serbia in the group stages.
He then predicted Germany's triumphant drubbing of England in the last-16, provoking accusations of treachery. Paul should by rights be an England fan, having been born in Weymouth on the south English coast.
Confirming his reputation as a prognosticator par-excellence, he kept up his astonishing run of form by tipping Germany to beat highly fancied Argentina in the quarter-finals.
But all is not lost for coach Joachim Loew and his boys as Paul has been wrong before. In the European Championships in 2008, he had an 80 percent record, getting only one match wrong.
Which one ?
The final. Against Spain.

My observations:
Could it be that Paul will repeat himself for this S Final match...that is "make a mistake" as he did the last time Germany met Spain in Euro 2008?
In that game he picked Germany but Spain won 1-0.
Now for this game he picked Spain but.....maybe, perhaps Germany will win it and go to the Final?
That will keep his prediction pattern intact with 1 mistake only....this one.
No one can be sure...including the experts.
Tonight's game is expected to be a close call...but expectations have all flown out the window so far. Recall the England debacle. They were favourites to win!
Recall Argentina...odds on favourites too!
Frankly, if I were to go on just the overall FORM between Germany and Spain, I'll take Germany without blinking.

Before the W Cup began, I had a done a few blogposts. ( Do check them out in my archives ). In one, I mentioned that the W Cup winner will come from my 4 picks...Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany. Well, Holland has made it. Now that Argentina and Brazil are out...I still have my 2 other top favourites left. One will make it tonight.
Which one will it be?
Mani the bird has made just one mistake...last night.
Tonight it just might be the turn of Paul to follow suit. ( I am not wishing for him to be right or wrong ). Just postulating.
Somehow...I just can't seem to see germany losing out.
If you want to have a flutter...don't take big risk!

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Anonymous said...

Don't believe the Octopus, he is German after all and is playing mind games with the Spanish!! A German win would be the perfect excuse for a beer festival. "Alles fuer Deutschland"

unk Dicko said...

Unfortunately, it is not for me to believe or don't believe. I have no say. In the aftermath of this latest German loss,Octopus Paul has proven HE HAS THE LAST SAY and must be highly respected!