Friday, July 2, 2010

Octopus Paul picked Germany to beat Argentina!

This is sensational!

After correctly predicting Germany's previous four games at this World Cup, the now global star...Octopus Paul has made his latest choice known. In full view of reporters, the public and the media 2 similar boxes were lowered into his aquarium tank home at Sealife, Oberhausen, Germany.
Apparently, he swam over the tanks, thought about the 2 delicious mussels inside each box identified by the German and Argentinian flag but made no move for nearly an hour.

Just when they were about to remove the boxes, Paul the Octopus spread out his tentacles over the German box and grabbed the choice morsel inside.
Paul only took 8 short seconds to decide the Germany vs England game. Just goes to show what he thought about the rubbish that was England!
But he paid much more respect to this Argentinian side....1 hour of contemplation before choosing Germany!

What does it portend?

Many think that it will be a very, very tough match for both teams but that at the very end, maybe after extra time and penalty kicks...Germany will prevail. This view is held by those who have been mesmerised by Paul's psychi powers.
Do you dare question Octopus Paul? He has a 100% record upto now.
On the other hand, the Argentinians in their home country came out with their own dolphin predictor. You can check this out on the internet news.

Apparently, in one of their sea aquariums yesterday, the handlers threw 2 balls marked with Germany and Argentina flag.
The dolphin went for the Argentina ball.

But observers are quick to report that the dolphin has no track record of any kind of successful predictions unlike our dear friend...Paul.

So what will you do if you want to have a flutter on this game?
Well...I already think I know what to do.
Do you?

Photos: From Boston com website shown below.

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Lam Chun See said...

I am more interested in what Unk Dicko thinks.

unk Dicko said...

The way I see it is like this. This clever Octopus is not Pro Germany or anything like that. If he was trained by Pavlov's conditioned response method then he would ALWAYS pick the German box ( let's say he recognise the flag ). But no. In the Germany vs Serbia game...Octopus Paul picked Serbia. And sure enough Germany lost 1-0 to Serbia in one of the major upsets of this W Cup. That not only enhanced but confirmed Paul's growing status and psychic reputation for accurate prediction.
So far, 4 out of 4 correct.
Is there any logical reason that it will not be, cannot be, impossible to be 5 out of 5???
There is no scientific reasons for such things. Call it 6th sense, gut feel or whatever.
But I have personally seen stranger things that are beyond explanation happening before my very eyes...and I don't mean amateur magic tricks.

Icemoon said...

eagerly awaiting its next prediction :P

unk Dicko said...

Haha...if anyone who has read my post and comment properly and followed the sublime pointers I've given, you would have been on the plus side on this game outcome ( if placing a SMALL bet ).
Even though I was in total,full agreement with Paul's prediction...I refrained from any BIG bet.
Just a flutter which, thanks to Octopus Paul, added so much fun and excitement to watching the game with hundreds of others...and smiling at the end!
He's now 5 out 5 spot on!
Don't think I need to give further advice for the next Germany game huh?

Anonymous said...

Please Paul, remember how delicious are the Spanish mussels. Our future is in your tentacles.