Saturday, July 17, 2010

Racial Riots or Racial Harmony...your choice! Part 1

This year happens to be the 60th Anniversary of the Maria Hertogh Riots. Unk Dicko has blogged quite extensively about what led to the riots and what happened in the aftermath of those terrible days. There are 8 separate blogposts with lots of detailed information and photos including a special photo of Mansor Adabi and yours truly, plus others taken in 1988 the same year our dear Mansor passed away. You can read part 1 by clicking...HERE.
In early June, I did an interesting special blogpost about " My Personal Diaries". I mentioned that no one had been permitted to read my diaries except my dear wifey and I added that only one other person who is a writer/researcher/editor has seen them. He interviewed me for the special article and report which appears in the latest MIX Magazine.
The only exception I have made so far is to the Deputy Editor of the MIX Magazine...Mr Justin Zhuang who came over by appointment and had an in-depth "live" interview with me.
He is the only outside person who has seen the inside of my diaries...especially the pages of my first hand account of the 2 periods of racial rioting in July and September 1964.
Initially we talked about my Maria Hertogh and Mansor Adabi blogs. Then when Justin discovered that I had actually kept hand written diaries which had almost daily entries since the early 1960's...he was extremely thrilled and excited. He was practically over the moon when he saw my actual writings about the RACIAL RIOTS of 1964...especially that unforgettable day when trouble broke out. It was a Tuesday, JULY 21, 1964....Prophet's Mohammed Birthday celebrations and was therefore a Public Holiday.
The full article covering the main story is in a double page spread on page 10 and 11 of MIX Magazine.
In the next few days, I shall expand on the rioting and the curfews and what life was like as seen from the eyes of a 16 year old schoolboy ( Unk Dicko's age then ) helped in this modern time and age by his precious personal diaries.

MIX Magazine is published by WHAT's UP...Singapore's Newspaper for Students.
The Editors and Publishers are the husband and wife team of Cherian George and Mary Cherian.
The Magazine is well supported and subcribed by most schools, educational institutions and students in general. It has the full support of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

The Inside page of Mix magazine (above)
The cover of MIX Magazine

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