Monday, July 5, 2010

Russ Hamilton's..LITTLE ONE inspired by senior bloggers meetup.

Last Saturday, at around lunch time, visitors to the Old Airport Road Food Centre who happened to pass by a generally quiet corner of that popular eating place must be left wondering
if what they witnessed could be a regular thing.
Amidst the hustle and bustle of people rushing here and there looking for good and singing seemed to be coming from a quiet corner of yellow-topped tables occupied by half a dozen of quaint-looking senior folks.
Music came from a ukulele and songs sung ever so sentimentally and nostalgically from an

old, but still well-kept handwritten to the section of the oldies and evergreens.

Some passerbys even stopped completely, sat down near to us and took it all in with appreciative smiles and silent applause.
It was their lucky day for it is not everyday that you get to catch the antics of such seniors especially at a public Food Centre!

But it was truly memorable that it happened.

Some feedback and comments from those who were there:
Hi Folks,
Thanks to everyone for a great fellowship at Old Airport Food Centre yesterday afternoon. Unk Dicko with his faithful ukulele and his valuable handwritten song book saved and given decades of joy to many. They brought us a wonderful time and memorable evergreen songs. I had a chance myself to be a guest artiste with Unk Dicko. My old favourite "The Young Ones" No worries. As we were not busking, the police permit is not required for our entertainment. Just for the happiness and fun to an appreciative public audeince at no charges. If anyone has taken photos for remembrance, pls email to me.
Thanks Have a nice weekend.
Cheers! Thimbuktu

Thanks James.
As Unk Dicko and Jim (James Kwok) belted out one evergreen after another, I was reminded of another relatively recent oldie but goody. My only complaint is that they did not do this one( Times of Your Life ). As agreed, next time I will try to organize karaoke session at my sister's house. They have a system with many old songs; both English and Chinese. Thanks also to Wee Kiat for recommending this place. Too bad you had to leave early. Hope your grandson is better now. It was the very same hawker centre that my brothers and I used to go to after our Saturday night bowling sessions at Kallang Bowl back in the eighties. All along I thought they had demolished this hawker centre. Now I have one more place to blog about.
BTW - on my way home I was caught in that horrific traffic jam at Bt Timah Road.

Chun See

To all those who were at last Saturday'sgathering:Thanks for a great time!
To those who will join us in future - please do come and add to the fun.
What a great surprise for me to meetup with two new friends from my oldVictoria School - Dick Yip (1 year my junior), & Victor Koo (a few years our junior).
As a grandpa myself, I share Wee Kiat's relief that his grandson is okay. He is grandpa of six, while I have only two. And for those of us with little ones at home, the lyrics are shown below.
[ The lyrics were sent in by James Kwok ]

Unk Dicko, Thank you for the sentimental memories of your handwritten songbook collection. These song titles of the 60s are out of print, I guess. These are evergreensongs which youngsters don't know them. They have not heard of these popular songs in the past.Execpt perhaps "Singapore 60s Andy's Pop Music Influence" which had revived these old songs once more on Andy's blog. Thanks Andy. I guess you may not have many more songs from Unk Dicko. which you have missed them. Once upon a time, I remembered a song my cousin Lucy Cheong once taught me. I stayed at auntie'shouse at Kim Chuan Road then. She heard the song "The Outsider" (can't remember the exact song title). When the song was played on the radio everyday, she would write down the lyrics on a book and we sang it together. I was hooked on these songs and collecting handwritten songbooks. After a while, my hobbies was switched to other stuff ; ) Unlike the way Unk Dicko did and his passion survived for so many years. His everlasting "Young Love" is an inspiration to us all. Thanks James for his efforts to share these favourite song lists too.
Cheers! Thimbuktu

Thanks for all the pictures.
On the one showing Dick's song book,I saw the words to the song "My mother's eyes".
I guess further down in the book there would be another old favourite sentimental lullaby:
"Kiss your pa and kiss your ma,
Then you can pray to God above,
Close your eyes,Go to sleep, little one, "
wee kiat

[ The song that jolted Wee Kiat's memory is " Little One " sung by Russ Hamilton who also gave us those unforgettable oldies like "Rainbow, We will make Love, Wedding Ring, My Mother's Eyes...all so popular back in the late 50's and the 60's. I understand that Russ Hamilton has recently passed away but his songs will live on after him. To hear the original song "Little One" please go to my next blogpost.]

Who are these senior bloggers who seems to be having such a zest for life?

Have you visited their blogs yet?

Well..there should have been a few more present but we certainly hope to meet

up again soon.


Anonymous said...

Great posting. Missed the fun.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Andy,
Yes..we were just being ourselves, seniors and oldies who share so much in common! We miss you this time.
You must come along at the next meet up!