Monday, July 12, 2010

Salute SPAIN...World Cup 2010 CHAMPION !

Spain is the new 2010 WORLD CUP Champion after beating Holland 1 -0 in extra time.
The full time game ended in a 0 - 0 scoreless draw...that went into 30 minutes of extra time.

In the 2nd half of E T, Heitinga the Dutch defender was given the red card and not long after that Andre Iniesta showed sublime control on receiving a pass before half-volleying into goal.
Holland deserved to lose totally as they adopted the "thugs" approach to good football. There was very little that was positive in their play and within a short while, mainly Dutch players were accumulating yellow card one after another.

This team, in my opinion, is a total disgrace to the beautiful football that exuded from the Dutch master class of 1974 and 1978. I was mesmerised by the exquisite quality of Johann Cruff and company. They were better than all the teams that were playing back then...sheer class!
Not this group of thuggish players this morning...Van Bommel, Heitinga, Van Persie, Bronkhurst etc.. . They were simply awful.

It was probably the worst game of the entire W Cup as a model for young people watching.
That Iniesta scored and ended the night of misery for the Dutch was totally deserving.
Howard Webb showed too much patience. I think he was reluctant to produce the Red card in normal regulation time even though at least 2 or 3 players deserved to be sent off.
Heitinga's sending off was inevitable...something had to give.
It was the nail in the final coffin.
The Dutch had shot themselves in the foot and even with about 10 minutes left, I knew it was more than sufficient time for Octopus Paul to work some magic in the minds of the Spanish players.

Was it psychic fate at work?

Paul the Octopus will now enter the book of living legends. I won't be surprised if he and his team of caretakers at Sealife Aquarium, Oberhausen would be invited ( all expenses paid) to the Spanish capital and publicly recognised and celebrated.
He needs to be extra protected by Dutch football assasins. The Germans will exonerate him as he helped them to 3rd place.

As for Mani the bird and his owner...I'm certain that many of those who have paid Mr M for his " fortune telling" services will have much to say in coming days ( if they are not too embarassed to say it ).

Here are some superb pictures from the Final.
[ Credit source: Huffington Post ]

The World Cup Final hero...Andre Iniesta

Iniesta scoring the only winning goal for Spain

He got a yellow card for this but he will remember this day forever!
And millions of Spanish too!

The winning goal!

Joy everywhere in Spain

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! are our hero! The team too!
But unk Dicko say don't forget to thank Octopus Paul, huh.


Victor said...

Nobody should use the phrase "blur like a sotong" anymore.

Anonymous said...

For all those who followed Mani's prediction, betted and lost 'big', should they give the parakeet "the bird"?

unk Dicko said...

I can tell you this honestly and frankly. Knowing the human mind as I am supposed to know...we humans, esp those "big time" bettors, tend to listen to rumours, so called hot tips, smart alecks ah bengs giving their ill-conceived assessments,previews by betting houses and online betting websites, etc...
Even with the excellent, psychic tips given by Mani and Paul both for straight Wins either for A or B side..many still remain unconvinced and went against the hand of psychic fate...and got burnt big in the process.
Many believed but chose the WRONG OPTIONS to bet on...and LOST BIG! Check out my posts carefully about DRAWS.
There are many reports of people LOSING REALLY BIG at this W Cup.
The biggest I've checked out was the 500,000 Euro dollars placed on a single bet on the game between Spain and Germany S Final. This German guy just could not believe and was not convinced by Octopus Paul,his fellow sea citizen picking the "enemy" Spain to beat his beloved country.
So, he plonked the biggest single bet of any bets with British bookmakers.
The Brits were rubbing their hands in glee at the final whistle!
They made more than 5 million pounds from people who chose to ignore Psychic Paul!
I think they should make Paul their chief betting consultant and pay him a salary!
The parrot and octopus simply pick one option out of two...without need like Humans to analyse, dissect, dither, fear, discuss, disagree...etc.