Monday, July 12, 2010

W Cup FINAL predictions by...experts!

[ Picture and main predictions from the Daily Mirror ]
Who's going to win Sunday's World Cup final?
Assorted Daily Mirror experts have their say below:

Oliver Holt
Spain 2 Holland 0
Spanish midfield and attack too good for the Dutch defenc.
Xavi, Iniesta and Villa will make the difference.

Martin Lipton
Spain 3 Holland 1
Spain have too much class and will own the ball.
Sneijder and Robben are dangerous but Xavi and Iniesta will boss the game.

John Cross
Spain 2 Holland 0
The Spanish team is as near to perfection as possible.
Xavi, Iniesta and Villa are beautiful to watch and will be too much for Holland.
If Torres was fully fit it probably would be perfection.

Mark Lawrenson
Spain 2 Holland 1
Spain have evolved and are stronger and more dangerous
than when they won Euro 2008 and will have too much in the locker.

Brian Reade
Spain 2 Holland 0
Because I tipped Spain to win it, and David Villa to be top scorer,
and haven’t seen anything at this World Cup, Holland included, to change my mind.

Derek McGovern
Spain 1 Holland 0
It has to be Spain - Paul the octopus said so and he’s cost bookies eight arms and a leg.
They won’t let Holland have the ball, which is very mean-spirited.

John Shaw
Spain 1-0 Holland (aet) .
In keeping with the tone of the competition I expect an extra cautious, extra cagey affair that goes to extra time.

Fabulous Betting Boys
Holland 1 Spain 0
We tipped Holland at 12/1 before the tournament started - so the future is right, the future is orange.

Paul the Octopus
Spain 8 Holland 0
I am putting all my arms and legs on Spain.
Get it wrong and I fear I’m cooked.
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What about other predictions?
Mani the Parrot
Holland win, Spain lose ( ps: don't ask me about possible Draw boss did not give me such a card to pick ).

Q...Very important question: why did you pick Spain earlier, twice witnessed by TNP team of reporters and published in the press and days later completely picked Holland...without any explanation?
Ans....Sorry lah, I'm only a bird. You better ask my boss why....and to ask must pay money to him first!

Unk Dicko's Prediction (Non-expert, non-psychic )
Holland is led by Mani the psychic bird ( one major mistake, one unexplained about turn ).
Spain will be led by their mascot Octopus Paul ( with 100% record, no mistake ).
Spain is the only W Cup finalist who has made it to the Final after losing their opening game
against Switzerland 0-1. No World Cup champion has ever lost their 1st game and went on to win it.
But this W Cup in S Africa has been the perfect setting for breaking all kinds of known record.
I think this record will also be broken and Spain will be holding the Champions's Trophy in a few hours time.
Outright win after 90 minutes...or draw and win in ET.
So 2-1 for Spain or 1-1 draw ( maybe 2-2 ).
Whatever will be the outcome...I won't get a heart attack! Instead I've had such a good rollicking time this last 5 weeks...that comes around only when W Cup fever hots up.
I'll be going over to meet my community friends in the Club and watch the spectacle
on big screen a short while from now.
If you are big time punters, you better pray that Referee Howard Webb does not try to become "Bigger in his own head" than Mani or Paul.
Win or lose...never a problem for the purist. No one knows what's really in the heart of the man in the middle.
A referee or linesman can single -handedly UNFAIRLY alter HISTORY.
It has happened before.
Let's just hope it won't happen tonight.
Good Luck to all!

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unk Dicko said...

Unk Dicko was spot on again about the Final ending in a DRAW at Full Time !!! Holland and Spain drew 0-0. In ET, Spain won 1-0 through Iniesta's only goal.
Spot on too that SPAIN would be the NEW World CUP 2010 CHAMPION, after a Draw and winning it in extra time!
For punters who have followed my observations and agreed with my analysis in my previous 3 blogposts...I just hoped you benefited something from it.
I'll be collecting something too.