Saturday, July 10, 2010

The W Cup Final...Octopus Paul has decided!!! Youtube.

The official news is out. Paul the famous octopus who has scored a perfect record of correct predictions at this 2010 World Cup has just made his final and MOST CRITICAL move...picking who will be holding the Cup that has meant so much blood, sweat and tears for all the more than 200 countries/teams involved.

After almost a solid month of pulsating action on the muddy fields of S Africa, it has come down to 2 of the most skilled football teams. There were so many other great teams who would have given an arm or a leg to troop out on Sunday night, a night which no soccer-loving person can be disturbed anywhere the match is telecast.

As in ancient Rome, the final 2 gladiators now face each other. Unlike in Rome, it was for glory or death...with no one to referee, there are no rules to the mortal combat. Here in S Africa, the 2 finalists Holland and Spain have never met in a W Cup Final before. For Spain, they already made history. Their best was a 1950 last 4 appearance. Holland were losing finalists in 1974 and 1978.

PAUL's pick:

From the video, it is very clear that he has opened the SPANISH box. In Paul's language, that is translated to a Spanish win.

A word of caution for those who are betting. In the last world cup, all kinds of predictions were also made for both sides...Italy and France. Those who placed money on an Italian WIN ( 1 x 2 )actually lost all their money. WHY? The game ended in a 1 - 1 DRAW...although Italy won in the penalty kick after ET.

If you pick " who will be the champion?" category..then that's different. But the odds are usually not great.

Mani the parrot...has already picked Holland over Spain. It's their own World Cup Final...Mani versus Paul. I have some critical observations about the way both are kept and managed. That can explain the difference and the dilemma. But to put it here may do injustice to one side publicly. So, I'll think about it first. punters and bettors have a BIG HEADACHE... who should they follow? Well, if you have been following my advice not to bet BIG, just a tickle or won't have such a headache will you?


fr said...

I think it will be Spain.

unk Dicko said...

Hi fr,
You have the MOST important supporter in the world...PAUL!
If you check my report on the Spain vs Germany match, you'd get an idea what I truly think of Spain based on that match....8/10 ( my rating ).
If Spain can replicate that 8/10 play, they WON"T LOSE. If they can better that rating...they should WIN it probably even within the full 90 mins.