Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup S F...Uruguay 2 Holland 3 !

For the Argentina vs Germany match...based on Paul's antics, I placed a small $20 punt on Argentina to be eliminated...under the special bet category.
That means I do not have to worry about the ups and downs, the scores, extra time, penalty kicks etc..just need to know at the very end who is in and who is out.
The game ended with Germany knocking out Argentina 4 - 0.
So Paul...was spot on again!
Notice I did not rush out to plonk $$$$$ on this or any other game. Unk Dicko has been advising in ALL MY BLOGPOSTS AND IN MY COMMENTS BOX ...NEVER TO DO THIS.
I am treating my few and far between "kachang puteh" bets as just some minor tickle and fun, nothing more, nothing less.
WHY am I advising this and taken this approach?
Well...practically in all forms of gambling the banker will EVENTUALLY win...not the punter.
The odds are created by gambling experts stacked heavily in favour of the "house", the casinos, the banker, the bookies and syndicates.
They do not place bets themselves! They simply, relax...sit back and collect the millions that others like you are plonking day after day. Whatever you bet, maybe 1% wins and 99% LOSE.
But people everywhere still believe they think "I may get lucky one day or soon".
The sad truth is that for the vast majority they'll end up much poorer or worse...and that "rainbow in the sky" is out of their reach.
Uruguay vs Holland S Final Game
Did you watch the game live?
I was at my club and watching it together with a small group of people.
Did my heart break when Uruguay lost? Not at all.
Was my heart rate increasing to abbormal beats when with only 5 minutes left the score was still 3-1 in favour of Holland? No, not at all.
Was I disappointed that Holland won and Uruguay lost?
I was happy that the better team won and without question the better team for the whole 90 minutes were the Dutch.
I had placed a special $10 bet at Sg pools for Uruguay to qualify. Nothing that can cause a heart attack if the results don't turn out as in this case.

The outcome of this match proved what I've been saying all along in my blogposts....if you do bet, do it just for the fun of it.
Have a flutter with a SMALL punt and if the results don't go your way, SMILE and consider that you have contributed to society!
Do not try looking to score "big" the thousands out there. You'll only end up killing yourself.

And don't blame Mani the bird or Paul the Octopus...they never force anyone to bet on their antics. For Euro 2008 C'ships, Paul the octopus got all his picks spot on except one. He picked Germany to beat Spain in the Final.
Paul was wrong.
It was Spain who won the Final. So that meant he had an 80 % success rate.
That also means he is not infallible!
The same thing can be said about the bird Mani.
He has the same success rate as Paul after this incorrect pick.
The bird chose Uruguay to beat Holland. But Holland won 3 - 2.
No one can be right 100% of the time, no fortune -teller, no psychic, no financial expert,
no government leader etc...

But there may still be a bright spot left for Mani.
It could be that he was picking the so-called "LOSERS FINAL"...the 3rd place play off for the 2 losing S Finalists...perhaps between Uruguay (confirmed) and Spain ( not confirmed yet).
And Spain to win this 3rd placing spot...???
If that is the would mean that Holland ( confirmed ) would meet Germany ( not confirmed yet ) in the Grand Final.
But there seems to be a problem in this picture!

IT IS NOW CONFIRMED THAT OCTOPUS PAUL HAS PICKED SPAIN TO BEAT GERMANY. The news and video is out on most leading news website.
Could Paul be making the same mistake as Mani did?
Or could it be that the humans have interpreted his message wrongly this crucial stage?
Does his clamping over the "Spain" box mean that Spain would be knocked out in the SFinal rather than winning it?
And the box he did not disturb very much ( Germany ) would go through?
We will soon find out.

Below is the full report of the Uruguay vs Holland match.

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