Saturday, July 10, 2010

Youtube...Octopus Paul picks Germany over Uruguay for 3rd placing.

Well...see for yourself. It's true. No one could have imagined that the real STAR of this 2010 World Cup is not those household names like Kaka the Brazilian, Rooney the looney, Messi the Argentinian, Ronaldo the Portuguese, Honda the Japanese, Villa the Spaniard or Mueller the German. This world celebrated STAR is now the hottest search item on Google search or on Twitter. And he lives in his humble abode and is not paid the multi-million pounds annual pay of those mentioned. Paul the Octopus has just made his pick for the 3rd place playoff between Uruguay and Germany.

He has opted for can be clearly seen on this video.

Paul has also made his FINAL pick for the Grand Final between Holland and Spain.Who did he choose? Check the next blogpost for the video and writeup.

Goodluck to all if you are having a flutter on this game!

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