Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Enchanting Night of Music and Songs

For our very first performance, approximately 30 minutes plus a few minutes
were allotted to us. Knowing that in advance, I planned for a medley of songs
which linked up nicely from one to the next...rather than do, say 6 complete songs
all at one go in the given time. There was more variety and made it all the more
interesting from our local Malay songs, to a soothing country beat, to those happy
as a lark camping songs, then the enchanting calypso beat, back to native songs,
and ending with the captivating 'moon' tunes. 

For the record here is the complete list of the songs, 19 in all.
Medley 1... Gelang, Di Tg Katong, Chan Mali Chan, Burong Kaka.
Medley 2... A selection of Hank Williams country hits:  Cold Cold Heart,
Take These Chains, Half as Much, I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You,
Please Help Me I'm Falling, Your Cheating Heart.
Medley 3... The Happy Wanderer, Pack Up Your Troubles, Tipperary.
Medley 4...  Marianne, Banana Boat Song.
Medley 5.... Dayung Sampan, Leron Leron Sinta ( Philippines ).
Medley 6.... Silvery Moon, Carolina Moon.

The songs went down very well with the crowd. There was something for
everyone including the many Filipina maids who enjoyed 'Leron Leron Sinta'.
The Minstrels providing the soothing sounds

A section of the enthusiastic audience with their kids

Another section of the appreciative crowd with songsheets in hand

It was a multi-ethnic crowd of young, seniors and elderly

A loving father pointing out the lyrics to his daughter

They were actually singing and clapping along

A memorable night for everyone


Andy Young* said...

The night must have been a memorable one.

Glad our younger kids are learning the songs you mentioned. We are living for them now.

Keep the strings plucked and the vocals warm, Wise Owl.

unk Dicko said...

Good advice Andy !