Saturday, September 25, 2010

An impromptu Ukulele Jamming session

  When we came off the pavillion, a pretty lady came towards me and said,
"Hi..I'm J. You remember me? "
 I said, " Sure I do. "
J is a regular visitor of this blog and has contributed her comments too but we have not met before.
So it was nice to meet up with her and other family members, quite a few who came with their
ukuleles. During our performance they were seated at the rear corner.

It was about a week before the event that J contacted me by email asking if I conducted Ukulele
lessons privately. When she learnt that I do coach, she put me in touch with some who wanted to
learn...including a nephew of hers.
I suggested for them to come along to the event with their ukes so that I could spend time
with them after our gig was over.
That was what happened. It was ukulele music again at another corner with 5-6
They were a most enthusiastic bunch of people.
One of them Jenn, asked if I could play for them " Somewhere Over The Rainbow" the
version by Israel Kamakawiwole, the great ukulele player himself.
I did.
And she was so excited...asking me to show/ teach her the strumming pattern and style.
I did.

It was nice meeting up with them folks!
I am sure we'll meet again.

A blog visitor of mine J,  brought along a small party of
Ukulele enthusiasts to meet me      

L to R:  Edmond, Richard, Chong, Bernie, Anthony, Judy, Unk Dicko, R Chee

A family party came with ukuleles to meet up with me


Lam Chun See said...

Well done man. Now you have spread the love for ukelele to the young people ... and probably started a Unk Dicko fan clun :)

unk Dicko said...

I really do hope that more people young or old will take up learning the Ukulele.
Ask any ukulele player and he or she will be able to tell WHY it's so, so good.
If any one is interested to learn or if you have learnt but have not progressed beyond your own expectations, do get in touch with me here or on Facebook.
Those coached by me privately will be able to play exqusite songs/tunes in many exciting styles.