Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unk Dicko and The Garden Minstrels ..appearing on Sun 3 Oct 2010

Unk Dicko and The Garden Minstrels - 22 Sep 2010
We have our regular Singalong every Wednesday at The Serangoon. Presently I have prepared 2 solid File holders of very lovely songs with different

The members are free to request for songs as they flip through the pages.
At every session, I will also launch
into some songs that are not in the files...just to gauge the reaction to that particular song. Some members also request for songs from memory. We had quite a number of these and it was great fun to try to recollect the lyrics just from memory. I must say we haven't done too badly in that department.
Soon, I might encourage the group members to try 'harmonising" in parts...if they are not too shy.
There is so much possibility and promise with this newly formed group.

At our regular Wednesday night Singalong

Our next major challenge is happening on Sunday 3 October 2010 where we will be entertaining the crowd at the Sg Gardens Hari Raya Celebrations. That will be on stage in the Hall at the Serangoon.
The event is at night starting around 7 pm. Do come along and hear some really super old, super good, keroncong songs that I have taught to the Minstrels in the past couple of weeks.
The music and beat may just prove too irresistible for some not to step forward and "joget" away...of course with their partners.
I have a medley of nice songs in English, Malay and Indonesian prepared for the night beside the keroncong tunes.

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