Friday, September 24, 2010

Unk Dicko and the Garden Minstrels...part 2

Today, for this particular blogpost, I'm trying out the new features and format just offered by Blogger.
This include the new browser window for editing and for uploading pictures from our saved files.
I must confess I'm as new to this as anyone. It'll take a little more time to get used to this new format.
Nothing has changed basically except that it's supposed to be more user-friendly.
Imagine you are driving a manual car and now convert to driving the same car but with automatic
That's about it. But still practice is required. And I am to learn to be adept at this new format by
experimenting on my own. What I did was start a sample blogpost including photos etc..and make
all kinds of changes to that "test" post by testing out various "buttons" on the edit header.
Sure, all kinds of mistakes were made...but I am learning in the process.
So this  post is the result of that initial experiment. Still working out how to "format" it properly!

Last Saturday saw a maximum turnout at Hwan Gardens, Serangoon Gardens for the Mid-AutumnFestival Celabrations.
It was opened to residents and others in the nice and peaceful neighbourhood.
Not surprising to see many Europeans among the appreciative crowd. Many now live there and it is certainly a good sign they have immersed themselves in the community we live in.

The participants were given goodie bags with that most important item...special battery operated lanterns that come with music! In the past we used lighted candles which caused much sorrow to the kids when the lanterns caught fire accidentally. This way, no danger of setting off any fire in public too.

Mrs Lim Hwee Hua giving her Welcome Address

The Chairman of the event Mr John Leow speaking

Lion Dance Performance / Welcome for VIP   

These pair of twins will remember this night for a long time.

Unk Dicko's grandson enjoying himself

With the help of the CC, I have prepared songsheets with lyrics for distribution to all the guests. That was very useful for them to sing along with us as we started our medley of songs.
of old time songs.

The Emcee introducing the Garden Minstrels for the very 1st time
                                       with these words
This newly formed musical Singalong Group, comprises seniors mainly from
Serangoon Gardens -
3 Ukulele players, I guitarist, several percussionists and passionate singers.
The Group is founded and led by Dick Yip, a veteran Ukulelist and singer.
In 1988, as the Leader of Serangoon Gardens historic
Singalong Group and under Dick's truly inspiring leadership,
Serangoon Gardens was crowned NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in the 1st island-
That Outstanding Achievement cemented Serangoon Gardens' status in the history of local music.
The Garden Minstrels preparing for their Performance

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