Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vietnam...some Fruits and Plants around Saigon

Looking at the condition of the fruits and plants encountered during my recent Vietnam trip, it would appear that the once war-torn land has recovered somewhat sufficiently. At the market place, there were all kinds of local vegetables and fruits that not only looked healthy but tasted
excellent. I bought some for eating and tasting. They were better than those I get from our own NTUC fairprice supermarkets...perhaps, because they are freshier.
Many of our local plants in S'pore can also be found growing in Vietnam.
But the texture and taste of the fruits may be slightly different.
Below are some of the fruits and plants we saw or tasted.

This red jambu tree reminded me very much of the ones in my
old kampong of Siang Lim Park.

These are Jackfruits or "nangka" as we call them locally.
They are bigger than the "chempedak" ( Jack's cousin) but
are less aromatic.

D2 just could not resist pulling a branch of the Buah Cherry tree.
My fellow seniors will recall how as kids we use to love this tree to no end.
The cherries are so easy to pluck and nice to eat. If you like climbing trees, this tree is
easy except on rainy days when it is wet and the bark becomes slippery.
The "V" joints of carefully chosen branches can be made into very flexible catapults.

The Buah Cherry Tree

Bamboo is very common and plentiful in Vietnam

Plants found in typical mangrove swamp

This is similar to our local "atap-chee". That sweet translucent fruit-seed
that can be found in ice-kachang and chendol.

Know what plant this is? Anyone?

Vietnamese mint plant.

Vietnamese Mint plant.

These fruits were so attractive and I could not resist buying some
for tasting. They were very, very good! But I was told to avoid the durians.

They sold the fruits by weight. Vietnamese lychees are as good as
those from China. I can confirm this! Great texture and very sweet and juicy.
One thumb up...very good. Two thumbs up mean ...excellent!
Beyond my expectation both in quality and taste and price.


jlow said...

Question for picture 8: Know what plant this is? Anyone?

Answer: Dragon Fruit

unk Dicko said...

Time to confirm you have the correct answer.
I have a small souvenir for you from Saigon...yours being the only right response!