Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why I can NEVER forget 9 - 11 ( in 2001 ).

Today is September 11, 2010 in Singapore, a rather ordinary day to most of my fellow countrymen. In New York, Washington and all across the United States the date 9 -11 is no
ordinary day. It has come to signify to modern America much as what December 7 1941 meant to all Americans nearly 70 years ago.
On both days, 70 years apart, America came under a most dastardly attack that took the lives
of thousands.
When the hordes of Japanese Zero fighters and dive bombers attacked Pearl Harbour on the morning of Dec 7 1941, sinking numerous battleships, cruisers, destroyers and fighter came unannounced. There was no formal declaration of war at the time of attack between Japan and the USA. President Roosevelt stirred the nation by labelling the cowardly attack
as " the Day of Infamy ".

Today is the 9th Anniversary of the September 11 2001 terrorist attack in the USA.
On that blissful and peaceful morning, much like at Pearl Harbour, most people were already
at work or travelling to their work place. No one could have imagined the great horrors that
would descend upon them like the biblical apocalypse.
The cowardly attacks using hijacked US commercial planes were carried out by terrorists in the Al Qaeda network.
President Bush would later label that day as " the day we saw the face of EVIL".

Every year on this date, memorial and remembrance services will be conducted in many cities
across the land. The US President and the First lady will preside at one of these solemn events.
Looking back to that day "that shook the world", Unk Dicko still remember that day most vividly.
It was night time in Singapore when the actual attack took place and the real time video footage of the attack was shown "LIVE" on TV, right through the next day.
It was unnerving, almost unreal and emotionally gut-wrenching to watch it happening right before my very eyes.

I have seen many a disaster movies in my time...Towering Inferno, The End of the World, etc..
But this was no Hollowood made movie.
This movie was produced by the terrorist Al Qaeda network. The main Director was none other than Osama Bin Laden, a most wanted man today.
Unlike the Hollywood movies where film stars and extras play their part including "playing dead", nearly 4000 innocent people lost their lives in Osama's movie.

The other thing D2 and I can Never forget about this day was something very STRANGE and eerie that took place in our own home at EXACTLY THAT MOMENT when the Twin Towers collapsed and crumbled killing all the people still trapped inside. We have no explanation for it.
I have often wondered if there was any psychic significance, any relevance, any connection between the events.
Till today, I'm still puzzled about the 1 in a million co-incidence of such a thing happening at the exact same moment...thousands of miles apart. To find out what strange, inexplicable happening visited us, you can check out my earlier posts below.
I have blogged in detail about it before. Click HERE to read.

All the photos in this blogpost are from the internet. I have no clue
as to who the real owners are and so cannot credit the source.

The attack on the Twin Towers on 11 Sept 2001

The attack on the Pentagon

Ground zero at the site of the attack in New York

The "Before" and "After" satellite images of the attack

There was worldwide condemnation of the attack. In Berlin,
the residents showed their support and deep sympathy.
Similar scenes took place in most major cities of the world.


Andy Young* said...

If there is a God, he would have cried.

And Man has been given a brain to think!

unk Dicko said...

Those terrorists are no ordinary humans like you and me and those who died so tragically.
They can't be angels or God, so must be devils in disguise.
The Bible says the Devil does not work alone; he uses human instruments to carry out his Dirty work.

stanley said...

How times flies. It is now nine years since the WTCs were completely brought down by the hijacked commercial planes commandeered by the Al Qaeda terrorists. I was there in June 2001(3 months before WTC collapse) taking in the splendid view from the roof top of south tower of the
WTC. The cars at ground zero looked like toy cars as seen from the roof top. I could not stay at the roof top for too long because it was too windy and cold.The floor immediately below the roof top housed a restaurant and numerous souvenir shops.
The visitors entering the WTC at ground level were subjected to bodily check before they were allowed to proceed to the super-fast lifts which could travel up to 110 storeys in 60 seconds. The authority instituted these security measures because a few years earlier a van loaded with explosives caused some damages at the basement of one of the towers.
I hope this horror will not repeat itself.
Can you imagine the horror the passengers in the ill-fated planes faced when they frantically called their loved-ones on their cell phones to say how much they loved them before the planes slammed into the WTC. For those who can stomach and relive this horror, you can tune in to Channel News Asia tomorrow at 10pm.

unk Dicko said...

Stanley, thank you for sharing this. You are the first among visitors here who have actually been in the WTC towers in the year 9-11 happened. It must be very emotional for you too watching all that death and destruction happening before our very eyes.
I saw the WTC when we were at the top of the Empire State Building years ago. It was then so peaceful.
Btw,Discovery Channel had shown all the 3 separate attacks and included the "live" recorded phone calls of those inside the planes and those trapped inside the WTC.
Listening to cannot be unaffected.

Lam Chun See said...

September 11th, 2001 is a special day for me and my siblings. Older friends would have read my story here.

unk Dicko said...

I remember that post you did, C see.
But forgot the date you mentioned.
Well, it was an eye-opening story...badminton, the GE and your late papa.