Sunday, September 26, 2010

You Will Never Grow Old...original NKC on video !

Those of you who have no idea or knowledge about this song certainly cannot be blamed.
Most people even my age or older know this song not too.
But among those who do like my good friend Unk Thoo Yang ( 88 years young now !) and Eddie
an online friend from Hong Kong and many others....well, they were all searching and looking high
and low for an original record, or CD or mp3 for a mighty long time.

Unk Dicko too was among the 'searchers' doing so independently of the others.
My exhaustive search on the internet for just this single song led me from one commercial music website to another...all wanting to sell you the music score etc. Not exactly what I was looking for back then.
Others had it but you have to place your "orders" using your credit card. Not too sure they are even
However, my search adventure on the internet to locate this incredible and lovely song did not
go to waste for the time spent. Though the result was unfruitful...something else better took place.
And this is a Lesson for everyone who is reading this.
As the old saying goes, " Behind every cloud there's a silver lining ".
Even though I was disappointed I decided to blog about my "fruitless search" experience.
Click HERE to read that post.

Not too long after that blogpost, a most kind-hearted gentleman doing the same search saw my Post
highlighted on the Google search engine. His name is Eddie, also a senior retired professional living
in Hong Kong. He contacted me at this blogsite and we exchanged our email adresss.
Sometime later, that "silver lining" came.
Eddie managed to get a full mp3 of NKC's YWNGO from an old friend and sent it to me.
He then uploaded it to his blogsite at VOX.
( VOX service is closing permanently on 30 Sept 2010 ).
And it was also Eddie who "tipped" me off about this being on Youtube yesterday.
Thanks Eddie.

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