Monday, December 6, 2010

The Minstrels Public Performance at Zoo...part 2.

This is a continuation of the previous blogpost on our Public Performance at the Singapore zoo on Sunday 28 November 2010 in celebration of Grandparents Day. The venue of this performance was at the Event stage set up at the fringe of the lakeside. Free seating was available around the stage area while many others simply watched from where they stood all around.
My Minstrels and I were the only "Live'' music entertainers for that day. We had 2 performing slots from 10.15 - 10.30 am and again from 12.45 - that were scheduled. However we had much more time than that especially in the 2nd segment where we heard the announcement inviting us onto the stage again at about 12-25 pm.
Fortunately, I was well-prepared for any such requests for extended performance.
And later, we invited families to come along and sing with us on the stage. Prizes were given to these families for their spirit of participation.

[ The 1st poster I crafted to attract interested members ]

This was a few months ago when I held my very 1st Sing-a-long session at the Serangoon.
We had 2 ukulele players present..R Chee and myself to provide the music. As the weeks went by, 1 more ukulele was added( Chong ) and better still 2 guitar players joined in Edmond Tan and Steven Goh. The others took care of the percussion instruments.
Almost all the songs were prepared by me in 2 thick songfiles. I am now preparing the 3rd File.
They cover music from everywhere and every type. Quite a number of the songs I had chosen to perform in public are actually "new" to my Minstrels. Yet, in only a short while, I was able to teach them the songs and how to play and sing them properly.
Truly, Unk Dicko is very proud of his fellow Minstrels most of whom had no music background at all.

[ The stage at the Performing venue - zoo]
Many of the visitors came in organised groups from different parts of Singapore. The photo above show many of the audience leaving the stage area after we had ended our 1st performance segment. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves singing or clapping along as we belted out old time favourites.

[ Alice and Nancy taking a break after 1st performance ]

[ Chong, Richard and Unk Dicko doin the same..relaxing ]

[ Our 2nd performance - Unk Dicko and Chong ]

[ R Chee - looking very focus and serious in his role! ]

[ Our back-up Minstrels doing a great job ! ]

[ The Minstrels wowing the crowd ]

[ Families gathered round to sing on stage with us ]
[ The Minstrels with C3A CEO - Henry Quake ]
Mr Henry Quake, the CEO of Council of Third Age was personally present to lend support to the event. He thanked me profusely for agreeing to do this gig with my Minstrels as it helped to enliven the occasion...and made it all the more memorable.
Believe it or not, all the 6 Minstrels featured here are also GRANDPARENTS themselves!
Grandparents Day..indeed!

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