Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grandpa Uke ...entertaining LIVE tonight at Nex Hypermart, Serangoon.

The last 2 months or so I have spent much of my time going through all my collection of song books, song files, music CDs, music albums for the purpose of re-organising the many resources for easy retrieval based on song index, song type and other such things.

 In doing so, I found it was necessary to look at many of the song lyrics to correct obvious mistakes. Many of these songs did not come with music notes or even chord tabs. So, I had to source for them on the internet. When that produced nothing, I play the song out myself and write down the chord tabs.
It was a time-consuming labour of love.
In doing so, there were many bright moments like when I found better chord arrangements for a previously popular song...with good intro and a good ending as well.

My work is not finished yet. Will require many more months of hardwork.
Tonight,  Tuesday 29 March 2011...something interesting is happening at NTUC Fairprice Hypermart at Nex Serangoon Central. The Hypermart is located on level 3. Nex Mall is above the Serangoon MRT station.

From 7 - 9 pm,  Unk Dicko and Richard Chee my close ukulele partner, will be entertaining "live" within the premises of the Hypermart. Grandpa Uke is what we will call ourselves. Some members of my Minstrel Performing group may also be coming.
NTUC Fairprice has engaged us to provide "live" songs and music within the store.
Why Tuesday ?
I think it's because Tuesday is the day seniors aged 60 + get more discount than other days of shopping.

So come on down to shop and join in the night of music and fun.
We will be playing a very good selection of songs. And if you have a personal favourite just shout it out and we will oblige.

See you there!


Red Hair Bridge Ron said...

Three cheers for our model Seniors!!

unk Dicko said...

Thank you v much Ron for your support! Indeed, seniors can be whatever they want to be or develop their earlier passion for a hobby or interest...like music.

Andy Young* said...

Just seen it now, Dick. Thought I could see you in concert.

Maybe the next time around? Come to Central.


Desmond said...

Hi Mr Yip,

When will be your next upcoming performance? Any youtube links of your past ukulele performances?


unk Dicko said...

Hi Desmond,
There are some Youtubes vids. However these were uploaded by others with ordinary cams.
My next public performance will likely be this Sunday 20 April 2011
at Nex FairPrice Hypermart, Serangoon ( Mrt station ).
Time between 2 - 5 pm...inside the store.

unk Dicko said...

My apologies...it is this Sunday which is April 24( not 20th ). The store should be packed as it is also the Easter weekend.

Sharm said...

Hello, hello! You're just the person i am looking for! I am researching for an upcoming OKTO TV show called Grammy Cool about Singapore Grandparents in the Arts. Could you please get in touch with me ASAP? I would love to talk to you about featuring in this program, maybe even along friends you might have! Thanks! My email is pinkmovie@gmail.com.