Thursday, March 31, 2011

MediaCorp FM 90.5 invites Unk Dicko for "live" Ukulele performance tomorrow night.

My favourite local radio station is Gold 90.5 and that goes for my wifey too. We simply love to be surprised by the fabulous songs of the good old days that come over the airwave from this station mostly hosted by the incomparable Brian Richmond himself. Recently, his son Mark joined him in a father and son thing and it's definitely a first of sorts in radio folklore.

Yesterday ( Wednesday 30 march ) I received a pleasant surprise...a phone call from Brian himself.
We chatted like old friends for awhile before he sprang the surprise.
He wanted me to be his "Special Guest" on Friday,s programme segment called the "HOT SEAT".
Friday happens to be tomorrow April 1 2011...but this is no April Fools' joke I can assure you!
Apparently there are reports of a surge in ukulele interest among people in Singapore. On Tuesday the New Paper carried a double page write-up about the current ukulele interest level. And on that very night the "Grandpa Uke" duo ( R Chee and Unk Dicko ) were entertaining the shoppers "live" at Fairprice Hypermart at Nex Serangoon.
The topic for tomorrow night: We'll be discussing  the UKULELE and its impact on my life from the early years to the present. That will not be the only thing....there's much more.
Brian has requested me to provide him with a couple of songs that will feature in my personal all time favourites list.
Sigh...I have so many and it will not do justice to leave out the rest !
Nevertheless, the songs I had narrowed down to are the ones that have most emotional impact and meaning whenever they are played or sung.
So which are the songs?

I won't let the cat out of the bag fact, I think I'll leave all that to Mr Gold  90.5 himself to reveal the mystery.
So whereever you may be...tune in to FM 90.5 tomorrow starting from 8 pm sharp.
It's going out "live".
Those of you who missed my earlier ukulele performances on radio a few years ago will get a chance
to hear solid, pure ukulele sounds and songs.

Friday April 1  from 8 - 9 pm. Don't miss it!


Weekdays: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
TIME : 5pm to 9pm
SMS Keyword : HOME
DJ: Brian and Mark Richmond

Gold 90FM makes radio history with the first-ever Father and Son pairing of Brian and Mark Richmond on the evening drive show the Homestretch. Mark makes a return to radio to helm the Homestretch from 5pm to 9pm Monday to Fridays.

You'll be Riding with the Richmonds with great songs and tongue-in-cheek humour spiced with interesting segments to captivate and entertain the senses. With both father and son having credible sports casting experience, you can expect a healthy debate on the English football league and such like. There will also be interactive elements to engage the listeners.

A 'Celebration Surprise call' segment will enable listeners to get the duo to call on a loved one or friend celebrating a special day.

The Playback in the 8 o'clock hour will feature the Top Ten songs in the UK and the US for that particular day for a specific year interspersed with interesting historical events. And once a week on a Friday, Mark and Brian will entertain a special guest in the Hot Seat. They will share their favourite songs and give us an insight into their world.

There will be lots of surprises coming your way as you Ride Home with the Richmonds on the Homestretch. Catch it on Gold 90FM, Monday to Fridays 5pm - 9pm.

Send your SMS to 72346
*Each SMS costs 30 cents. This SMS service is provided by MediaCorp Technologies Pte Ltd, customer service hotline 68777132.
Reach the Richmonds by email:
(  The above is from MediaCorp Gold 90.5 FM website )


Andy Young* said...

All the best Dick. With your kinda repertoire, you'll make the Hot Seat hotter!

I'll listen in.

unk Dicko said...

Hope it does not get too hot!
Thanks Andy.

Andy Young* said...

It was great Dick. I love your closing number and thought something was happening when the word, "Go (a)stern..." came on the air.

Congratulations! I hope you get lots more ukelele followers now. Will try to catch the show at Suntec City.