Saturday, March 19, 2011

Watch. Dream. Be Inspired!

I was browsing at my favourite bloglinks when I saw this video clip highlighted on Ageless Voice, a website belonging to my good friend Eleanor. Apparently she attended an informal meet up of some members of the club SILVER TSUNAMI ASIA ( the East Coast area a few days ago. This clip was highlighted in their discussion.

Based on a true story of these elderly men, average age 81 years, who decided to return to doing what they had done as a group of close buddies in their young days....riding motorcycles! There were 6 of them originally but unfortunately one had passed away.

Unk Dicko knows and understand what they must have felt when their situation, circumstances and their bodies 'prevented' them from enjoying life to the fullest, especially that of their first love - riding their motorcycles again.
I am still the only one among my peers enjoying the freedom of riding today and everyday. The rest of my riding friends have given up donkey years ago.

As long as I am alive...I will continue to ride the freeways, safely.
This videoclip produced by Ogilvy Taiwan is truly one of the most inspirational clips I've seen.
It has garnered some 1.8 million hits already.

If you are like most seniors and elderly folks leading a sedentary and mundane lifestyle, watching this clip will make you want to jump up and do things. Perhaps even radicalise your
thoughts and actions.

Watch. Dream. Be Inspired!


Andy Young* said...

Unk, what motorbike you riding? Show us some pics.

Great to know.

unk Dicko said...

I started out on a Lambretta 150 cc
in the later 60's. Those were exhilarating days without need for any safety helmet and our roads were not congested unlike today. Passed my riding test on my 1st attempt without any problems and have not looked back since.Much later,in the early 80's when Lambretta when out of fashion I changed to the iconic Vespa. That has been my staple bike all these years. Currently, mine is a 200 cc Vespa which I used to go on my daily jaunts.
Some pics Andy?

Andy Young* said...

Gee, thanks Unk. I had a Vespa too and was a member at the Siglap Vespa Club.

Breezed all over Singapore but it was fun then when streets were not overcrowded like now.


unk Dicko said...

Wow, well done. Now when I do get into Vespa talk and lingo I can be assured at least one other dear old timer can relate to that.
I was never a member of any vespa Club...too busy to join any then. I could do my own basic maintenance of the bike and engine but for more complicated action I went to " Panjang" at Mckenzie Rd, near Rex Cinema or Ban Hock Hin.
Most scooter riders will recall "Panjang" expert obviously. And obviously very tall !