Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grandpa Uke entertaining "Live" at Nex Serangoon, Sunday 24 April 2011

Unk Dicko and his partner R C will again be entertaining at NTUC Hypermart
at Nex Serangoon on Sunday 24 April 2011 from 2 pm to 5 pm.
Yes...3 solid hours of good ole' ukulele music that is guaranteed to bring back fond memories of the yesteryears.
Grandpa Uke are in reality 2 real grandpas who have been performing publicly and privately for many years since the 90's.

We have a wide repertoire of songs in our extensive collection. We'll be playing and singing a wide cross-section of songs that will include hits of the 50's, 60's, 70's , popular favourites, kiddie songs, funny songs, songs from movies, some jazz pieces, calypso hits, keroncong tunes...and more.

Many members of the public have asked Unk Dicko when and where the next performance is going to be.
Well, if you're free, do come on down to NTUC Hypermart at Level 3 Nex Serangoon.
I understand there is much that is happening there on Sunday being the Easter weekend.

Our last performance there was on the night of Tuesday 29 March as shown in the photos below.
The next day, the store management  told me that many of their customers and visitors gave very positive feedback about our stint. They wanted to know if we're coming back!
So...yes,  we'll certainly be there again on Sunday !
If you are interested in the ukulele, don't miss this.
If you are a ukulele player and want to pick up some tips for come.
If you like those songs of the good ole days...think no more, just come!


Seranding a sweet old lady in wheelchair


Anonymous said...


Are you involved in the elections? The ground is moving....

unk Dicko said...

Thanks for asking. I'm retired and taking a back seat. However I feel that everyone should take an interest in any General Election as the outcome will surely impact on the immediate and longer term future of our country. I've been keeping a close watch on all that's happening around us. The ground is certainly moving but not shaking yet.

Desmond said...

Hi Mr Yip,

Sorry I missed your performance at Nex on the 24th. Was intending to go but can't make due to last min commitments. Also, I can't seem to find any youtube links of your past performances. Do you have any direct links?


unk Dicko said...

Hi Desmond,
On my blogsite, there are a couple of Youtube videos of our gig at the 50+ Expo in 2009. On Facebook, some short clips of our performances have been uploaded. Basically, I've never arranged for my entertainment/performances to be filmed. But many people have filmed,I'm not sure who they are.
They may or may not have uploaded on social media sites. But some of my ukulele learners have, with my expressed permission, filmed me at close hand on the ukulele doing various genres of music styles, strums and picks. Again I'm not sure if these are uploaded or not.
Not to worry, there will be more public performances in the next few months. Will announce here when that is confirmed.

Tan Cheng Hoon said...

Hi Mr Yip,

I'm a old student of Serangoon Secondary School. Class of 4EB in 2001. It feels awesome to know that you're well and is active in blogging! Take care Mr Yip! Wish you great health! :)

Cheng Hoon, old student of SRS.

unk Dicko said...

Hello, hello Cheng Hoon!
Thank you v much for dropping in here and the good wishes too. Hope more of you and others who were my former students can re-connect here. More than 10 years have passed and I still can remember your class, yourself and in particular a few others...Kexin, Gary Fong, Tan Nur Fadhilah. I can still remember teasing Fadhilah and vice-versa in jest.
You can contact me at FBook too.
How time flies!
Thanks for the memories.

Keira Chen said...

I just happened to pass by.

Am a teaching intern at one of the secondary schools of singapore, teaching maria hertogh riots, and saw your blog.

oh my goodness. i can't believe it :) it's wonderful!

unk Dicko said...

Hi Keira,
Thank you dear Keira for visiting and for your lovely comments.Like others, it will always motivate me to share much, much more not only about many aspects of our local history and heritage but in a broader sense..the world at large too. Am glad you are teaching this impt period of Sg history. It had far-reaching consequences and lessons for our future govt post 1959 and its impact crossed many borders and seas.
Few people of my age can claim to have met or personally knew the 3 main chracters of this endearing story. I consider it a blessing to have known the late Mansor Sulaiman, 1st husband of Maria Hertogh, for nearly 3 decades.
If you or anyone else would like to get in touch with me directly for further input..I'm on Facebook under my name Dick Yip. All my contact details are there including my email.