Saturday, April 2, 2011

Unk Dicko and his Ukulele on FM 90.5 Gold "live".

Last night I was the special guest of Radio station Gold 90.5 FM hosted by father and son team of Brian and Mark Richmond. Brian received me at MediaCorp's reception area at about 7.30 pm and drove me to another building which housed the Radio section.

As we entered the soundproof studio of Gold 90.5, Mark was at the controls "live". As soon as the music came on, he stood up and came over to shake my hands warmly. I have known Brian previously and I can say for certain that they both have great chemistry as father and son to jointly co-host the programmes they are doing. It was infectious as they were jibing each other...and that makes three of us. I have a similar propensity.

Though it wasn't the first time I've been on Radio, still there should be some apprehension when that was going out truly "live". Glad to say I was not one bit nervous...just acting and being my normal self.
And that made it easy to go with the flow of that live segment as managed by Brian and Mark.
The theme and subject matter was about the Ukulele., the impact it had on my life and the surge in interest today.
The feedback I'd received from those who caught the 1 hour programme aired live was absolutely positive and inspiring.
Special Thanks to Brian and Mark!
You have helped give more life to that little fella ( the ukulele ).
Keep the music going and the good times rolling!
The ukulele community out there will appreciate this too.

Unk Dicko
They are truly a super, fabulous pair ...Brian and Mark

Unk Dicko with the Radio host legend himself...Brian Richmond

Wow, Mark has really grown real tall !
Unk Dicko with Brian and Mark inside Gold 90.5 FM studio


Lam Chun See said...

Ahhhh ... so sad I forgot to turn on my radio at 8 pm even though flagged the RSS email alert :( Nowadays I seldom turn on the radio except when I am driving.

Anyway, glad to hear that it was a big success.

Madeleine said...

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Madeleine said...

Hi Uncle Dick

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unk Dicko said...

Hi Madeline,
I presume you will be there today.
If so, can you please see me after my performance segment in the afternoon...maybe 3.10 pm.
No problem.
Thanks for visiting here!

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