Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why no blogpost for over 3 months - Unk Dicko

Hi all visitors, friends and readers of this blog,
More than 3 months have passed since my last blogpost in late April. I'm certain many must have wondered if I had gone on a long leave of absence or had been in poor health or simply was living in the 7th heaven somewhere or worse.. that I may have absconded from ever blogging again.
Touch wood, it's none of these things. The reason was due to something more down to earth. Let me explain.

From the time I started on my IT journey of self-discovery which included my initial adventure into the world of blogging, I had always depended on my generally reliable desk-top computer system. It has served me well for the last 5 plus years. But I did not know that many of the parts making up the systems, the hardware may have only a shelf life of about 2 years, 3 if you are lucky. From time to time, breakdown will occur not necessary due to virus attacks or other malware.

The trouble is as a layman, you and I have no precise knowledge about such things as there are literally hundreds of parts, wires, cables that are part of a computer...which as I've said we know nuts about...especially when do these parts start "expiring ".
That's what I've been facing these past part expiring after another. I changed the internal fan ( cooling system ) yet within days something else breaks down. A condenser got heated and melted. Had to change that whole segment/piece.
My computer engineer chap suggested that I buy a new set up.
But it was not just the costs that made me wary.

My present system have ALL the stored info and data that I've patiently accumulated for over 5 years of often painstaking research and effort, things I need for my future Blog posts and future talks etc. They are all in the hard disk and I'm not prepared to lose all that precious stuff.
Don't get me wrong..I'm not afraid someone hacks into my harddisk or anything like that. There is NOTHING of MONETARY or FINANCIAL value inside. I AVOID  all internet banking/financial/transfer of money totally.

 So my suggestion was to set up a 2nd Desk top system which was done. This new system is a Dell Office system with the latest Windows 7 Ultimate with High Definition resolution. I connected it to my all my previous external applications...printer, scanner, etc..
 My existing Acer computer desktop with Windows 7 system ( older system) was set up at another location in my living room... with no attachments.

 Then came the problem. Big problem.
When I wanted to blog again, I found that most of my "saved" resources were not in the new Dell system. It has a new hard disk which did not completely transfer my old stuff in the Acer system. Many files were there but not the stuff I needed for blogging. Sigh !
Worse, my printer and scanner were not properly configured to work in sync with the new Dell system.
My computer engineer chap conveniently neglected to do it properly..thus requiring me to call on his services again ( at his convenience of course ).
This to and froing went on until 2 days ago when he came to complete the job. But there are still some problems left hanging as I've discovered but will wait until a more opportune time to discuss this.

At least, I can now resume my usual blogging life, at least 80 % of it.
So much has happened in the last couple of months aorund us at home and abroad. For those past few months I have been more active on Facebook as an alternative...if any of you had noticed.

Thanks for all your PATIENCE !

Duty calls. Service will resume as from today !

Unk Dicko


stanley said...

Unk Dicko,
Happy to see you resuming your bloggng life. Looking forward to reading more of your blogpost.

Unk Dicko said...

Thanks for your patience, support and understanding Stanley. Many super blogposts will be coming out in the near future.

Lam Chun See said...

But why didn't you back up the data from your hard disk in a portable hard disk? Very risky if you don't do that.

Unk Dicko said...

Selective back up done. But I wanted a full transfer from hard disk A to B. This operation was incomplete...leaving me hanging for quite a while.

Andy Young* said...

I thought you started a band called Unkalele and gave up blogging.

Glad you're back.

Thimbuktu said...

Hi Unk Dicko,

No worries. Your blog readers and fans will understand. You are ever active and energetic with so many useful and helpful things to do, including your contributions to the various national sports council which you sit in the policy committees.

At Chun See's place on Thursday evening to watch Foodage TV, I was sitting beside you listening to the sentimental songs on your ukulele. You play on your ukulele and play on the music in a world of your own...undeterred or distracted by the aroma of the durians, the loud sound of the chit-chats or the clacking noise of munching keropok. Play on Unk Dicko...carry on blogging to share us your joy and more stories to tell us on your blogs. Hope your computer engineer will fix your PC soon.

You are not alone among our fellow bloggers when our
blogs become temporarily deactivated due to one reason or another. I had to get a recent new computer which my
son just bought me a new basic Windows XP system
mainly for blogging. I don't play online games which can
become addictive and needs lots of time. I am addicted to blogging as a hobby like you and our fellow bloggerss though.


My last desktop computer deserves a happy retirement after 10 years of faithful service on a daily basis.

Unk Dicko said...

My dear Chun See,Andy and James,
Once again thanks!Only like-minded bloggers will fully understand and comprehend some of the most frustrating challenges we all face..for our love of blogging... The cost of setting up and maintaining a "healthy" home computer system or even 2. The temptation to simply give up is always there. But that is never the solution.
It would be ideal to have 2 set-ups separately so that there is always a back up..when problems arise. That's precisely what I'd done now. In my public talk recently, I shared all this and recommended that seniors and retirees could follow my footsteps.
The 2nd set need not be new and comes at a fraction of the original costs.

fr said...

I guess your regular fans would have been wondering. Actually sometimes we run out of things to write.

My computer has become sluggish. Maybe it is also has parts going to expire.

Unk Dicko said...

Dear fr,
For me it was never going to be a case of topics or issues drying up. I have actually listed down what I'd wanted to blog about..that was when I first got started in 2007. The topics are still there, more than 200 in my notebook. I've only touched on maybe 20%. Whenever you run out of topic you could always share personal experiences on every imaginable subject! Like what?
Like the best and worst experience on any given subject for a start. Or the most embarassing, or the most humourous, or unforgetful...etc..etc. No end. So for anyone who has got on the blogging bandwagon there is no reason to stop. As the famous British comedy series proclaimed" Just Carry On ! ".

Andy Young* said...

You're on 60s music, Dick. Thanks for Tng Suah Lang.

Unk Dicko said...

Thanks Andy. Episode 2 brought back a lot of memories especially when you mentioned your mum's sewing house and pointed out the location. I remember that place whenever I walked casually by in those days.

Tekko said...

Hi there,
Dropped by your site from Good Morning Yesterday. If you don't mind my 'kaypohness', for your new PC, you could store your files, data & pictures on your hard disk as well as on googles or some other file sharing websites. Likewise, use Firefox or Chrome to keep track of all your bookmarks. Make full use of the wonder of Cloud computing. That way, you have a back up plus access to your data anywhere anytime as long as you have access to the internet.

Keep on playing & writing.

Unk Dicko said...

Hi Tekko,
Thanks very much indeed for your valuable tips. For bookmarks I am using Delicious. But I have no clue what is "Cloud computing ". First time I've heard of this. Perhaps I'll google and find out more. It's not kaypoh but in fact very kind of you to share such tips. Now others can also benefit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Yip,

Any upcoming performances you and the Garden Minstrels?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Yip,

Any upcoming performances by you and the Garden Minstrels?


Unk Dicko said...

I am currently appearing on the Heritage documentary programme " FOODAGE " shown every Thursday night from 10-11 pm on OKTO tv channel. So far, 3 episodes have been aired. In Episode 2..I entertained with " Tng Suah Nang" an oldtime campfire song on my ukulele. It's on Youtube. Foodage is an 8 part series.
I have turned down some invitations for lack of time to prepare ( not all my members were free ). But I know,the next few months there will be calls for our appearance. Will update details once confirmed.
Thanks for asking:) !

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Yip,

I like to contact you for a performance opportunity sometime in Nov. Are you able to drop me an email at


Bibik Lim said...

Hi Unk Dick, we r neighbors. We r @47 siang lim pk. my cousin is jeanette? remember her? we just met ur sister jenny the other day. was just surfing and saw siang lim pk. clicked and found ur blog. brot bk lotsa gt memories. And u managed to contact Rose. I know her too. used to play with her. saw another photo of Vin. is her name lavinia or something. played with her too. my contact:

Unk Dicko said...

Wow,another fellow Siang Lim Park neighbour re-connected here. Hi and welcome Rita! I am very glad you met up with my sis Jenny. She has lots of memories of SL Park. Your house # 47 SLP must be quite close to the kramat by the river side? So you are living opposite to our Yip's place at 94 SLP, the corner check my maps on SL Park in this blog.
About Rose, yes she found me from googling on SLP too! Same with Vin who now is living in Florida. Her name was as I recall either Davinia or Lavinia..but everyone called her Vin. We are in direct contact on Facebook. Do get in touch and connect with us.Rose too.
Whereabouts are you today? I am trying to place Jeanette..your cousin. Any photos to help me? If you can send me pics of old SLP to my email address, I'll be v grateful. Or any pics for that matter. I can do an update post on SLP. Vin had sent me those pics you saw.
Tomorrow night, on OKTO channel at 10 pm...the heritage documentary series "FOODAGE" continues with episode 5. S L Park and Lorong 40may be I travel there to revisit and explain the past. Check for more update details at my Facebook. Will contact you by email.
Warmest regards,
Unk Dick

Choy CK said...

I read from your posting that you visited Mr Cheong Cheng Swee your form teacher in Geylang English School and a chat with him for 2 hours!!! Wow , how wonderful. I was a graduate from that school too from 1961 to 1966. As I was trying to locate him and visit him for the reason that I wanted to show my gratitude to him and thank him (even though he might not remember me) for him having been my form teacher.

I am now a senior lecturer in Temasek Polytechnic. I would be much delighted if you could email his details to me at I look forward for your reply. Thanks.

Choy CK

Unk Dicko said...

Hi ChunKong,
Warm greetings to you from a fellow Geylang English Sch graduate. I was there under the safe and capable hands of Mr Cheong Cheng Swee and (later to be )his wife Ms Anita Thio. Was in GES from 1955 to 1960. 2 of my elder brothers also studied there. In fact, many of our Geylang boys come from Geylang itself.
I am certainly glad you have not forgotten him and want to re-connect again. No problem, I'll send you his details. Presently he lives at Realty Park, off Upp Serangoon Rd. I've always kept in close touch with him and Anita for many years.
best regards,
D Yip

Linda Lim said...

I am an old student of Balbir Singh at NJC. Do you think you can provide me an email address where I can reach him. Thank you.

Unk Dicko said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for asking and dropping by here !
Can you get in touch with me on Facebook?
You can see my page under - Yip Dick. My photo will confirm it's me.
I can then update you on your request privately.