Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anything You can do I can do Better !

The girls had shown their grace and talent in performing the dance. So what could this little chaps do? Not to be outdone by their more genteel classmates they went all out in an attempt to prove the old time song,
" Anything you can do I can do better", correct.
So, the boys performed a kung fu routine with kung fu music that would have made their Wudang forefathers proud.
In case you do not know, the famous Wudang sect of Chinese martial art originated here in Hubei Province at
Mt Wudang in the ancient past. That happened to be one place I most wanted to visit in Hubei. However, owing to a lack of time, as it is far away from Wuhan, I have no choice but to mark it down for my next revisit here.

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