Thursday, June 26, 2008

Around the Yellow Crane Tower

The tower consists of 5 storeys and reaches a height of 52 metres. From afar, it looks as if a crane is about to lift off with its wings...from any angle you choose to view it. It is considered one of the most spectacular of ancient towers anywhere in China.

Top photo:
D2 pondering whether she should ask me to piggy-back her up the steep tower.
2nd photo:
The two kinsmen, Mr Yip and Mr Ye ! Both are legitimate descendents of the ancient people of this land...the Land of the Chu Kingdom ! ( Read my previous post on History of the Yips ).

3rd photo:
The huge bell at the Tower park.
Hitting the bell brings good fortune. And so is writing about it !

Bottom photo:
During the 3 Kingdom period ( San Guo ), the 3 famous warriors Liu Bei, Kuan Yu and Zhang Fei met under the peach blossom tree and swore forever to be blood brothers henceforth. They
became heroes and stuff of legends.
Here we have 3 modern ladies to do a re-enactment
of that famous episode....but under the bamboo clump!

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