Monday, June 16, 2008

CHINA...Wuhan,Hubei Province May-June 08

Recently, my dear wife D2 had been away on official work-related trips to Suzhou, China and then immediately after that to Scotland for a fortnight. On her return home, with just one day of rest, she was to pack her bag for a trip to Wuhan, China. Rather than see her making her way to the heart of China alone, I decided to accompany her.
In many ways, this was to be one of our most memorable trips overseas. There will be lots of things I shall be blogging about, with lots and lots of photos. The story will be complete with much insight into recent events such as the Sichuan earthquake and History of the places and region we visited. People we met, friends we made, what we saw and experienced, food we tasted and the friendship and hospitality of those we met ...all these and more will be covered in upcoming blogs. Don't miss them!
Photo showed us at the famous 3 Gorges on the Yangtze River.
We were on a 3 day 4 star cruise on the mighty river.

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