Saturday, June 28, 2008

Combined Performance by GSPS and Shui GuoHu Primary

One of the major highlights of this GSPS and SGH student exchange programme must surely be the Combined Performance that students of both schools put up on the 2nd last day of the programme. This took place that afternoon of 28th May 2008 at the air-conditioned theatrette of their school. Present were the parents, Principal, Vice-Principals and staff of SGH, as well as ourselves.
The full Performance consisted of about 9 or 10 items. They had a programme sheet for the audience.

The photo:
Announcing the event was Mr Ye, kinsmen !

These four SGH pupils all dressed in their official school uniforms were hand-picked to host the event as Master of Ceremonies ( emcees ).

All 4 of them impressed me greatly with their spoken English,..... pronunciation of words, clarity of expressions,
emphasis and stage confidence.
I do not have their names here.
Anyone who is reading this very blogpost and can find out their names for me... please do me a favour and add them under the comments section.
I give you my thanks in advance! For now, starting from the left,

I will name them Doe, Ray, Me and Far....after the musical notes. These 4 pupils projected themselves and carried out their roles so well that much credit must certainly go to their teachers who had coached them.

The 1st item was a dance routine performed exquisitely by these young full costume and make-up.
Each carried a red rubber ball.

This was a solo performance by a very talented

SGH violinist.
He played the selected piece extremely well, I must say.


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