Friday, June 20, 2008

Dances by the Little ones !

The teacher led her young pupils in a dance routine. Children learn best by imitating. Thus a good teacher has to be a good demonstrator first. Notice how keenly the kids were following her every movement and posture. Sometimes even subtle nuances such as eye movements can be picked up.

The kids then performed a lively song and dance for us. They were really enjoying it and not merely going through the motions for us.

Another teacher got them ready for yet a different routine for the girls only....while the boys sat down quietly to watch and observe.
Music came from a sound system at the click of a finger.
The floors are easy on the little feet as they are of parquet wood slabs.

As soon as the music began they started dancing.
No wonder the kids from China are so good in the performing arts and sports like dance, acrobatics, contortion, juggling, gymnastic, rhythmic dance, ballet, etc....
So no need to wonder any more.
They start them young in most things.

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