Saturday, June 28, 2008 for a King

After that most enjoyable and enriching visit to the Yellow Crane Tower, it was near lunch time. We were driven to a Restaurant close by the school where VP Liu and another key staff hosted the lunch.

There were several interesting Wuhan dishes. The soup was excellent and so were the vegetable dishes that came with meat and chicken.

This dish [ above photo ] was pumpkin with lots of lovey-dovey healthy fillings within. Yum-yum, it tasted so good!

This other dish, the way it is prepared, makes it fit for an emperor. The green "containers" are actually cucumbers that have been hollowed out. Inside, the fillings are their trade secret. I'm really uncertain what's inside as I put the entire portion into my mouth, gently munched on it.....and found it absolutely tasty.

D2 told me when she is back home, she would make an attempt to replicate this.

I wished her" Good Luck!".

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