Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Guangzhou and Wuhan - 26th May 2008

Our flight to Guangzhou took off from Changi Airport Terminal 1 on China Southern Airline flight CZ 352 at 8 am , 26 May 08. We arrived at Guangzhou at 11.50 am local time which is same as SG time. Our connecting flight to Wuhan was at 3.40 pm so we had time to kill. Walking around the huge and stupendous airport would make anybody tired easily. We spotted a restaurant/cafe ...The Old Tree cafe and plonked ourselves there for a much-needed rest and some lunch. The photo showed us at our table and the box contained a new ukulele which we intended to present to the Principal of the school we were to visit in Wuhan. We were punctual at boarding time in the fully loaded plane....3.40 pm. But due to some unknown reasons [ not made known to passengers] the plane did not move at all and remained on the tarmac for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The interior was getting very stuffy and difficult to breathe. Both of us have never experienced such a situation before in all our travels. But the people with us, almost all returning Wuhan locals, NEVER complained, did not show any signs of impatience or irritation. It was a major REVEALATION for us. We were mightily impressed. When the plane finally took off at 5.05 pm, we heaved a sigh of relief for awaiting us at the local Wuhan airport was Principal Zheng and some of his staff....they too were kept waiting by this delay. We touched down at 6.35pm and were warmly received by P Zheng, his HOD Mr Fu and Jessica our own GSPS teacher. Introductions were made and we were driven straight to a Restaurant for Dinner with Mr Zheng's other key staff members and the GSPS team
of Dennis and Melissa as well.
Photo: Mr Fu, Principal Zheng, Julie and D2

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