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The History of the 1st YIP ( YE )

This article , which I wrote in 2007 , is on my other private blogsite...The Yippee Blogsite. I added these 2 pictures. My father, the late Yip Kok How, was born in Canton in the home village of " Sek Loong"[ Stone Dragon] early last century. My mother, the late Lee Siew Chun, was born in Singapore about ten years after my dad. Her parents, my maternal grandparents were born in China, Kwangtung Province and later moved to Singapore in the 1880's. They resided at Lorong 25, Geylang in a big compound self-built house.I met them as a kid. But I have never met my paternal grandparents at all. They were both in China. When I was born, my grandma was still alive in "Sek Loong" Village. We had a photo of her in our old family home but none of my grandpa. My father used to send money back to her even in the late 1950's. After her death at a very old age, her ashes were brought to Singapore to be kept by my late father at the altar as he was the eldest son in the family. So, till today I have no idea what my paternal grandpa looked like. No photo exists. I only know that he was working as Goverment official in the role of an Inspector of Chicken farms during the Ching Dynasty. That was from my father.
Top photo:
Me and D2 at a lakeside resort restaurant in Wuhan. We had dinner there with HOD Mr Fu of SGH Primary school and our English speaking guide, Shirley.

Left: My late parents on their wedding day in the 1930's.

Origins and brief History of " YIP " ( YE ) people
Want to know how the 1st Yip ( Ye ) family started on Earth ? Who was the 1st person with surname "Ye" ? How did he get it? And who were the likely ancestors of that 1st Yip ? Read on........and enjoy the fascinating history based on recorded Chinese history! Background:The Ye (Yip) surname has existed for over 2500 years, one of the oldest in Chinese history. Today, there are more than 5000 Chinese surnames all over China and the world. The Ye ( Yip, Yap, Yeap ) ranks as the 49th most common in China. In the Spring and Autumn Period ( 722 - 481 BC ), during the Zhou Dynasty, there were many kingdoms in China. China was not unified then. The most predominant kingdom was the Zhou and their close ally, the Chu Kingdom [Today Hubei and Henan province]. Originally, the Chu Kingdom was called "Jing" and later "Jingchu", located in southern China. The people were known as the " Chu" people. They were a very strong empire and were constantly warring to extend their frontiers to the north and elsewhere.The 1st Yip. This 1st ever Yip was actually a Chu prince during the reign of King Chu Zhuang Wang. His father was the popular, able and brave Prime Minister Shen Yishu, who had greatly helped the Chu king in many battles.He won many victories over Chu's enemies but was eventually killed in a battle against the Wu kingdom. To honour him, King Chu rewarded his son Shen Zhu Liang by appointing him (the son ) Duke of YE, which at that time, was a major producer of vegetables. Ye was a fiefdom. The main city was called YE ( in modern Henan province ). Not only that, King Chu also awarded him the noble surname, YE. The crowning of the Duke of YE took place in 525 BC. From then on, this 1st Yip was famously called " YE GONG ". All of " YE GONG's " descendants were made dukes because of his BIG contribution in suppressing a major rebellion by Bai Gong Shan [ a notorious rebel and usurper] . Soon after his death, some of his descendants took on the new surname YE while others continued with SHEN. Archaeological findings at the site of our ancient YE city indicate that the Chu people very likely descended from the early Shang Dynasty. Research still on going. Zhu GeLiang, the famous war strategist for the 3 famous blood brothers, once lived in YE city to plan and direct the battles against Cao Cao ( The 3 kingdom period ).Summary of Facts 1. We are all descended from Shen Zhu Liang, a Chu prince, politician and general. 2. And our starting point was the year 525 BC. 3. YE was a noble name. Since he was a Chu prince, of the royal household, he has "blue" blood (royal ).And since the bloodline continues till this day, some of us today may be his direct descendants ! We may have royal blood!!( So Yippies.....go buy a Tiger Airways ticket and head for Henan province. Show them a copy of this report and try your yippeest luck to claim your ancient inheritance. Applicable only in YE city. Know where it is today? I know. ..but you should do some research yourself , too. Ok, give you a clue....Yang>. Important Note: This short article was written in respect and memory of the Grandfather of all YIPs.....YE Zhu Liang alias Shen Zhu Liang....the 1st YE/ Yip, a CHU Dynasty royal Prince.

Love to all.

Ye JinFu ( minor duke of the Yippee Place, province of Serangoon Gardens , year 2007 )
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